No bedroom tax planned: Liberals

THE SA Liberal Party is encouraging Murraylands Housing Trust tenants to ignore a "warning" letter sent to them by the Housing Trust Tenant's Association recently.

Housing Trust Tenants' Association assistant secretary Julie Macdonald, who is a member of the Labor Party, sent a letter to Housing SA tenants claiming they should fear a Liberal Government, which Member for Hammond Adrian Pederick has condemned.

"Before the last State Election, the Liberal Party policy on public housing said "the State Liberal Party strives to support South Australians to transition to private rental"," Ms Macdonald wrote.

"In my opinion, based on this quote, the Liberal Party thinks of public housing as a temporary measure for some people and, after a period, they should leave public housing and go into the private market."

The letter also stated that Liberal Governments interstate had looked into transitioning public housing tenants into private rental and introduced a "bedroom tax," if a public tenant had unoccupied bedrooms.

Housing Trust tenant Wendy Pope, of Murray Bridge, said she did not like the idea of taking strangers into her house to avoid paying extra money if the bedroom tax was introduced.

"My neighbour brought all his kids up in that house and his wife's just moved into a nursing home; it really picks on the older people with kids moving out," she said.

Neighbour Susan Izykiewicc said she did not take much notice of the letter but was not surprised by the content.

"If they do make changes, what can I do about it?" she asked.

"My voice doesn't get heard."

Adrian Pederick said a Marshall Liberal Government would not forcibly remove tenants from their homes as claimed by the Housing Trust Tenant's Association.

"I wish to reassure all concerned that a Marshall Liberal Government will also not support the introduction of a bedroom tax," he wrote in a letter to Housing Trust tenants.

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