Bears battle through

PRESENCE: Meningie Centre Olivia Gallio thinking in action. Photo: William Bailey.

PRESENCE: Meningie Centre Olivia Gallio thinking in action. Photo: William Bailey.


While the weather for Saturday’s River Murray A grade clash between Tailem Bend and Meningie was better than that of the week before, it was obvious that by 2pm the conditions were still going to make a mark on the games to be played. 

Meningie scored the first few quick goals through goal attack Michaela Nicholson, who was showing her athleticism early to have the Bears side up at quarter time.

Tailem Bend's defensive pressure all over the court saw turnovers in their favour in the second; needing them as they left the court at the main break trailing the solid Meningie side.

The wind picked up in the third, the breeze swirling and shifting ball paths - making it hard for all players to hit targets.

Tailem Bend defender Charlotte Richardson battled hard against Meningie’s Nicholson all game, and her pressure was critical in the third as she got taps and rebounds to send the Ball back down to attack.

The Tailem Bend duo of Kirstie Gregory and Melissa Edwards combined well in the goal circle, with quick passes catching their defenders off guard. 

The last quarter saw both teams hit the court with intent; running out to the last whistle.

A couple of quick missed goals for Tailem Bend saw Meningie transition from defense to attack, where their goalers converted some needed goals to seal the game. 

In a great team game from Tailem Bend, the home side went down 45-35 to a strong Meningie unit set for finals action.

Best players: Tailem Bend; Melissa Edwards, Emily Edwards; Meningie; Michaela Nicholson, Alex Kappler


The game began at a fast pace, as both girls worked hard to control the quarter.

Kate Treloar (GK Meningie), and Caitlin Clothier (GD Meningie), were physical in the Tailem goal circle, whilst Tailem's mobile defence end were also having an early impact on the game.

Molly Maddaford in WA for Tailem Bend, and Shaua Chaplin in WD Meningie, were both having a great start to the game in what proved to be an evenly contested first quarter, with Tailem leading at the first change 8-7.

The second quarter saw changes to Tailem Bend due to injury, giving Bridey Merritt opportunity to enter the goal circle.

Breeanna Connolly (TB), and Wonita Greenwood (Meningie), were both running the centre well for their sides, with strong drive and positioning, but it was the defensive pressure of the Eagles side that stepped up this quarter.

Despite this, Meningie were able to withstand much of the pressure applied, but Tailem was still able to hold a mere two goal lead at half time.

Both teams remained unchanged to begin the third quarter, and the strong match ups continued.

Taylor Hansen was complimenting her defence line well as WD for the Eagles, and was instrumental in many turnovers throughout the quarter.

Ebony Bristow and Kirsty Piggott were again combining well in the Tailem defence to create turnovers and opportunities for their team, whilst Kylan Muster continued to shoot with accuracy to reward the teams effort.

Hollie Cockshell and April Brown were both scoring accurately in the Meningie circle, but Tailem had more opportunities in this quarter, and increased their lead at the final break to six goals. 

Meningie remained unchanged in the last quarter until an injury time was called, whilst the Eagles brought on Ashlee Zadow to run the centre.

Both teams continued to work the ball well throughout the quarter, but the Eagles stood strong and worked hard all over the court to maintain their lead and take the points.

Final score Tailem Bend 34 - Meningie 28.

Best players Tailem Bend - Ebony Bristow, Kirsty Piggott. Meningie - Kate Treloar, Wonita Greenwood.


This game began in freezing windy conditions with a really messy first quarter from both teams which wasn't pretty to watch and Tailem were only 2 goals ahead at the first break.

The second quarter started with better passages of play from Tailem's midcourt Leah Kowald and Chloe Dominish feeding well into their goalies who rewarded their efforts to make Tailem 3 ahead at half time. 

Both teams made changes going into the third quarter with Meningie's attack line up of Valerie Gollan, Amber Stutley and Natasha Court making Tailem's defence work really hard and earn every intercept.

Tailem's change of putting on Paris Holland-Long into GS proved to create much needed movement which helped to make Tailem five ahead going into the last quarter.

In the last quarter Meningie wanted the ball more than Tailem and worked extremely hard to get much needed intercepts and force errors on Tailem's terrible passes and their goalies rewarded these efforts.

Meningie levelled the scores many times during the last quarter will brilliant defence from Shania Weetra who was relentless in defence.

The win could of gone to either team but Amy Snajdar in Gk for Tailem Bend took a great rebound and sent the ball back down the court and Bridey Merritt shot the goal and this was the winning goal for Tailem. 29-28

Best for Tailem Bend Leah Kowald and Amy Snajdar and the best for Meningie Valerie Gollan and Shania Weetra.


Meningie took the first centre pass but Tailem Bend made them work to get their first score on the board.

A RESERVES: Tailem Bend Goad Attack Bridey Merritt leads her opponent to the ball. Photo: William Bailey.

A RESERVES: Tailem Bend Goad Attack Bridey Merritt leads her opponent to the ball. Photo: William Bailey.

Both teams tried desperately to adjust to the windy conditions as the ball was well contested at both ends of the court. 

Great defensive pressure from Tailem Bends Amanda Martin and Georgia Fulton forced turn overs and allowed them to hold a small lead at the end of the first quarter, 7-5.

Both teams started the second quarter with unchanged sides.

Hayley Smedley and Shakira Colmer combined well through Tailem Bends mid court but a combination of tight defence from Serena Weetra and Aleisha Williams and unpredictable winds resulted in some missed scoring opportunities. 

Meningie outscored Tailem Bend to finish the second quarter with a lead, 13-14.

Meningie outscored Tailem Bend to finish the second quarter with a lead, 13-14.

Caitlin Hattam moved into GD for Tailem Bend in the third quarter but Meningie’s Krystal Weetra and Meshayla Shaw continued to shoot very accurately under the pressure from the new defence combination.  

Gena Mansfield continued to provide great drive through Meningie’s centre court and they increased their lead, 20-23.

Tailem Bend came out firing in the fourth quarter and any turn overs created by  their tight defensive efforts were converted with great accuracy by goalies Stacy Wilson and Micala Langcake-Gurney.  

Meningie applied great pressure all over the court but Tailem Bend were too strong both in attack and defence, an impressive final quarter turnaround to win, 32-29.

Under 17s

Tailem started off strong in the first quarter with strong drive from Matilda Hughes (C), and accurate shooting by Molly Maddaford (GA). Hannah Lovett (WD Tailem) was effective early, getting tips and touches all over the court.

Brigette Lewis was working hard in GA for Meningie, but the quarter belonged to the Eagles who held a 10 goal lead at the first break.

Tailem came out strong in the second quarter and continued to apply pressure at every opportunity. 

Claire Wheaton and Amber Baxter were both solid and effective in defence for the Eagles, whilst Paris Holland-Long at the other end was also starting to find her rhythm in the goal circle. 

Madison Angel in WD for Meningie was working hard to try and stop the strong drive of Ebony-Brie Foster (WD TB), but again Tailem proved too strong all over the court, and held a convincing lead at half time.

Katie Aspel entered the goal circle for the Eagles in the 3rd quarter, and immediately settled into the game with clever positioning and accurate shooting.

The Meningie girls continued to work hard all over the court, but the teamwork of Tailem was far too good for their opponents and they managed to increase their lead further at the final break 42-15. 

Caitlyn McEvoy entered the Tailem goal circle in the last quarter, and settled in well with strong hands and accurate shooting. Tailem adjusted well to their changes, and continued to keep control of the game. There was some great play by both teams, but it was the Eagles that proved to be too strong for their opponents all game, finishing with a convincing win 51-22.

Best Players: Tailem Bend - Claire Wheaton, Matilda Hughes. Meningie - Brigette Lewis, Gena Mansfield

A RESERVES: Meningie Goal Attack April Brown squares herself towards goals. Photo: William Bailey.

A RESERVES: Meningie Goal Attack April Brown squares herself towards goals. Photo: William Bailey.

Under 15 DIV 1

An early miss by Meningie saw Tailem Bend goal attack Frankie Traeger shoot  the first four unanswered goals for the match. 

Through their goal attack, Janelle Wanganeen who was receiving some excellent feeding Meningie was able to respond and the game was evenly matched. 

Tailem held a small 13-11 lead at the first break.

Both teams made changes leading into the second quarter. 

Goal keeper for Tailem Bend Claire Pitt who was filling in from the division 2 team was doing a great job for her team. 

For Meningie, Wanganeen was still playing well and Charli Medlow who had moved from centre to wing attack was a great driving force.

Tailem Bend had a far better quarter and held a 30-14 lead at half time.

Tailem brought another division two player on in Daisy Maddaford in goal shooter, she lead and shot well and was a great combination with Traeger.  

Meningie goal defence Sheniqua Shaw was really coming into the game and Georgia whitehead now playing in goal attack was using her height to great advantage. 

Meningie were able to take bragging rights in the third quarter, reducing the deficit by one, with Tailem having a 42-29 lead at the final change.

Tailem came out strong in the last quarter with goal shooter Caitlin McEvoy stepping up against some physical play. 

Ruby Miegel also playing from the division two team chipped in for a great intercept and her team continued to dominate the game.

Gabby Schubert played a strong defensive game for Tailem Bend and was consistent throughout the match. Final score 59-35

Best Players: Tailem Bend - Gabby Schubert, Claire Pitt, Frankie Traeger. Meningie - Janelle Wanganeen, Charli Medlow.

Under 11 DIV 1

In cool conditions Tailem Bend played Meningie and the game started scrappily with the ball travelling back and forth but Meningie finally scored the first goal. 

Tailem responded with a beautiful play down the court scoring two goals in quick succession and finding their rhythm. Tailem were ahead 4-2 at quarter time.

Girls playing well for Tailem were Skye McFarlane in WA and Sarah Clark at WD, while the best players for Meningie were Chloe Retsas and Sierra Ridley.

As the game progressed both teams struggled to control the ball, with a few slippery patches on the court causing falls but Tailem's tight defence of Olivia Tucker GK and Chloe Pitt GD, meant Meningie struggled to score.

At half time Tailem were ahead by 9 goals.

Meningie made a few changes and Meningie GS Makayla Bellinger kept working the ball to the goals and finally converting. 

Tailem attackers Sophie Edwards GA and Casey McDonald GS also defended, giving them more opportunities to score. 

Going into the last quarter Tailem were well ahead by 14 goals.

In the final quarter Meningie defenders Grace Gubbins GD and Emily Crouch GK worked hard for rebounds and spoils. 

Tailem's centre Elyssa-Kate Zadow regularly turned the back back over for her team. 

Tailem ran out winners 22-4.

Best players for Tailem were Skye McFarlane, Sarah Clark and Olivia Tucker and best players for Meningie were Chloe Retsas and Grace Gubbins.