Close call at Lower Murray hardcourt tennis

HARDCOURT TENNIS: It was an amazingly close night of tennis in the Lower Murray hardcourt Friday night competition between Mypolonga and Lutheran.

Lutheran took out the match with just two games, 6-60 to 6-58.

By the end of the doubles round the match was even with two sets apiece.

The second doubles match was the last to finish as the players refused to give up.

In the singles Mypolonga dominated in the top half of the draw while Lutheran were on top in the bottom half.

The last match of the night was the deciding factor as Serena Lienert, Lutheran, was able to have a good win over Eben Crossley, Mypolonga.

Wednesday night juniors

Mannum hosted 16 players at the Lower Murray Wednesday night junior tennis competition.

The enthusiasm shown by the talented young players was evident in the matches and they have gained valuable skills and shown great sportsmanship over the first season.

Results were varied after play as deuce games appeared to be prevalent.

Playing to four games in the doubles does not leave much room for comebacks.

Convincing doubles winners were Tyler Barker and Josh Binney, Jordan Barker and Georga Wiebrecht, Jack Wiebrecht and Amekia Rigney, Brodie Quarry and Kyle Nicholas-Benney.

Singles scores remained close with wins recorded by Tyler Barker, Khye Amber, Jordan Barker, Georga Wiebrecht, Alex Albanesi, Amekia Rigney, Brodie Quarry and Andrew Smith.