Two key candidates, one clear choice

In the past week I have had coffee with the Liberal candidate Mr Troy Bell and attended the 2014 campaign launch for Mr Don Peglar.

Both candidates are expected to dominate voting for the seat of Mount Gambier in the 2014 state election. I was a supporter of Mr Peglar in 2010, he received my vote and I have often defended him when he has been referred to as “part-time Peglar”.

We have two key candidates in the upcoming election, with Mr Peglar claiming responsibility for all the good that has happened in the past four years and denying any part in the bad.

Don, the voters are not a silly bunch. Things happen – good and bad – and we recognise you have rarely been responsible for either. I believe Mr Peglar does his best but I question is his best good enough for Mount Gambier?

With the current government racking up record state debt, have we really received our fair share in the South East? This election is where my support for Mr Peglar stops.

As for Mr Bell, here is a candidate taking 12 months off work to devote all of his energy to this election campaign. Mr Bell has been active in petitioning state and federal governments, holding community forums, door-knocking and meeting with community members and businesses on a daily basis.

Mr Bell is engaged and has a plan for our region. If Mr Bell can do all of this without being our local member, imagine how much we can achieve with Mr Bell as the member for Mount Gambier? For me, the choice is clear. It’s time for a change. We deserve better.

Good luck to all candidates in the upcoming election.

– Matt Brodie, Mount Gambier