Consider change voters

The state election is fast approaching and as a candidate for the seat of Schubert, I am appealing for the voters in this electorate to consider change. 

The current member is retiring and the time is now right to send a strong message to both major parties  that the people in Schubert need  more input and less complacency. 

I refer to the simmering issue with our new hospital.  The Liberals took a large sum of money back from a planned upgrade of the hospital before losing to Labour, and the grandstanding by all concerned over the years and the frustration of the then hospital board, shows just how much contempt political parties show towards this area.  

Statistics supposedly say that this is an affluent area. Well let me point out that when I talk to people, the vibe emerges that many in the community are finding it more than difficult to make ends meet.  

The major parties are not interested in pouring money into an electorate where they either win easily or have no chance of succeeding. It’s a bit like people doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. 

If people want change in this seat, then the vote they cast previously needs to go to a candidate who has a proven track record of getting things done .

We need to make Schubert a marginal seat and this can only happen if the voters themselves are willing to change their allegiances. Family First is a party for the entire community with strong family values, and I implore constituents to think long and hard about why they need to reconsider who they want representing them......a party who does not really care or a person and party who can really make a difference. I have been involved in this community on many committees for my entire life and a proven record of commitment and hard work.  

I implore voters to step outside the square at the election if they want change.

Tony Hurn

Candidate for Family First

Electorate of Schubert.


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