Gawler man in London says vote for Tony!

We took this shot in London yesterday to promote voting at SA House this week for Labor in the UK Expat press.

Tony will remember me so I thought I would send you the shot too in case you can get any mileage with it in the Bunyip or elsewhere.

Andrew Harden is pictured right.

Andrew Harden is pictured right.

I grew up in Gawler and was involved in the ALP sub-branch with Tony.

You can use the pic and anything I have said below if you think it might help. And call me if you want to check anything else  +44 774 098 1966. I am on the right of the pic. On the left is Paul Smith and in the center is David Saunderson.

I have lived in the UK (London) for 16 years and experienced first hand the damage that the deep spending cuts and austerity of the conservatives can have, it doesn't work and it's not worth the risk. Now is not the time to make severe cuts, now is the time to invest in a better future for South Australia! 

Australians are renowned the world over for the idea of giving everyone "a fair go" ! That means no matter what if times are good or bad we don't leave anyone behind. In the UK there is a new lost generation of unemployed youth, please don't let that happen in my home state, South Australia.

I have known Tony Piccolo and Jay Weatherill for over 20 years, and they both share rare qualities in a politician, personal integrity and standing up for what they really believe in no matter what!

When it comes to jobs and the kind of society we want to live in, there is no choice at this election. You can't risk it! It has got to be Jay4SA!

Andrew Harden



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