Meet the candidates: HAMMOND

Named Ruby Florence Hammond, the first Aboriginal woman to run for Parliament in South Australia - is centred on Murray Bridge and Tailem Bend, but extends past Peake and Coonalpyn in the southeast and to Goolwa in the southwest, Meningie’s outskirts to the south and Younghusband to the north. It has been a conservative electorate since its creation in 1997, and is held by the Liberals with a 17.8 per cent margin that remains safe despite becoming 1.5pc thinner due to demographic change. Incumbent Liberal MP Adrian Pederick defeated the seat’s only former representative, Liberal-turned-independent Peter Lewis, in 2006.

As a Murray Bridge local, I understand what’s important to our community and that is why I’m standing in this week’s State election for Labor. 

Whether it’s the River Murray, education funding or health and disability services, South Australia needs a strong leader that will stand up to Tony Abbott’s cuts and only a Weatherill Labor government will do this. 

Labor also has a plan to keep building South Australia while the Liberals think by cutting jobs, services and government spending that they can somehow grow the economy.

Labor has put more health services including chemotherapy, elective surgery, mental health and dialysis services into country hospitals.

South Australia now has more doctors, nurses, and police per person than any other state.

Labor has invested in regional tourism infrastructure and campaigns to attract more visitors to our region.

Premier Jay Weatherill also secured an extra 450 gigalitres for the health of the Murray River and an extra $445 million to help irrigators and communities take advantage of the opportunities more water provides.

If elected, I will continue to fight for the Murray so we don’t return to a system where South Australia’s water rights are trampled by upstream irrigators interstate.

I’m standing as your Nationals candidate for Hammond because I’m passionate about our region and a fair go for all the people that live here. 

I’m a 33-year-old who has lived and worked hard in this region for most of my life.

I have great memories of growing up here including at Coomandook school, my local church at Sherlock, Karoonda Farm Fair, Peake carols, Tailem Bend street parade, skiing and swimming on the Murray River and family holidays at Goolwa beach.

As a former local policewoman in Murray Bridge I understand that people in regional communities can sometimes do it tough.

If elected as your Nationals local member I will fight hard for our region.

I will stand up for disadvantaged people in our community including carers, seniors, the Aboriginal community, migrants and people suffering with disabilities.

I will stand up for our farmers by investing by ensuring ag and regional departments are stabilised, and I am committed to ensuring additional funding, programs and positions are created to support our farming families for the next 10, 20, 30 years and beyond.

I will fight to make sure young people have better access to schools and higher education in the region and improved public transport.

Hammond is a very diverse electorate.

On the one hand, we need to focus on young people, ensuring that they have sustainable jobs to look forward to and can be global citizens and leaders without having to leave SA.

On the other hand, we need to find a better way for families and older people as well, ensuring that services are top quality, accessible and also culturally appropriate, and helping to re-skill and up-skill as manufacturing decentralises.

The Greens firmly believe we can do both.

Much of the change the Greens would like to see is complementary to overarching goals of good health, positive society and grassroots democracy.

As the local member, I will strongly advocate for regional and local public transport so that getting to work, school and leisure is equitable and convenient.

The Greens have also been outspoken on mental health, especially in youth, and I will make tackling that a priority.

As a young person, I am pleased to represent Family First as a candidate when the party’s policies for Hammond are very focused on issues for young people.

Family First is pushing for a university campus for Murray Bridge and a public transport subsidy to get Murray Bridge on the Metroticket network.

This will help young people stay in the region with their families, as they can either study in the area or attend work or study obligations in Adelaide at a far more affordable rate.

We believe Murray Bridge has been left behind on public transport.

If you live in Gawler or Sellicks Beach - both of which take longer to get to by road from Adelaide than Murray Bridge - you can catch Metroticket public transport for $3 to $4.

Family First has chased the Transport Minister to get this rectified.

Family First is very focused on getting SA’s fair share of black spot funding and ensuring roads are fixed - not having their speed limits slashed as a lazy alternative.

Family First also wants to put Mobilong front and centre as the solution to the prison overcrowding problem.

This expansion will generate more jobs and economic activity in Hammond.

The future for the Hammond electorate is exciting, but only a Marshall Liberal government has plans for the Murraylands region.

This week the State Liberals announced, if elected, a commitment of $15 million to reignite the Murray Bridge Racing Club Gifford Hill development, which will create jobs, economic growth, and tourism in the region.

This reinforces our commitment to regional South Australia, compared to the Labor government which believes the State finishes at the toll gate.

I am passionate about more employment and education opportunities to support our youth, regional development, increasing tourism opportunities including Tailem Bend Motorsport Park and the recognition of the economic input of our primary industries.

We have announced an increase of $13.4 million per year to the Regional Development Fund, which will support up to 6000 jobs and drive productivity to boost South Australia’s economy.

The State Liberals recognise the importance of our primary producers and are committed to establishing Mypolonga as a fruit fly exclusion zone.

The River Murray and Lower Lakes are returning to health, however there is still more to be done.

The River Murray is the lifeblood of Hammond and this remains one of my key priorities.

I will continue to fight for better access to public transport, and welcome the Liberals’ commitment to double State black spot funding to make our roads safer.

Lou Bailey - Labor

Lou Bailey - Labor

Rachel Titley - National

Rachel Titley - National

Damien Pyne - Greens

Damien Pyne - Greens

Daniel Gutteridge - Family First

Daniel Gutteridge - Family First

Adrian Pederick - Liberal

Adrian Pederick - Liberal

The only way to vote for a Marshall Liberal government is to vote Liberal.