Meet the candidates: MACKILLOP

Steve Davies - Independent

Steve Davies - Independent

Mitch Williams - Liberal

Mitch Williams - Liberal

Donella Peters - Greens

Donella Peters - Greens

Terry Soulmatis - Labor

Terry Soulmatis - Labor

Bill Pomery - Family First

Bill Pomery - Family First

The former stomping ground of St Mary of the Cross, covers much of South Australia’s South East but extends as far north as Meningie, Coonalpyn and Tintinara. It remains a very safe Liberal seat with a margin of 24.8 per cent. Mitch Williams has held the seat since 1997, when he was elected as an independent; he joined the Liberal Party in 1999.

Steve Davies is standing as an independent candidate for the seat of MacKillop.

He sees the closure of McCain’s at Penola and the downsizing of other businesses - along with low prices for primary produce, increasing input costs and regulation and the insistence of an indebted State Government to plunder the income of shop assistants, shift workers and cleaners to support selected start-up or existing industries via funding models - as the precursor to a subdued economic climate.

“Socialism does not work,” he says.

“It never has.

“There has been little self-supporting industry start-up or expansion over the past few years apart from the meat processors in the north of the electorate.

“With State debt increasing by $2.5 million a day, we need to think twice before putting red and green tape around an industry that may just give a financial lifeline to MacKillop.”

Mr Davies has come out quite strongly in favour of the potential gas industry in MacKillop.

“We have had the gas industry in this state for 50 years,” he said.

“Wells have been ‘fracked’ all over the State with no incidence of contamination.

“If we pass this opportunity up, I expect the opponents will come to regret their actions.

“Services are declining and infrastructure is in need of upgrading and we have no itemised promises from Labor or the Liberals for MacKillop.

“This electorate is seen as a safe seat.

“It is thus the forgotten seat.

“It could be that MacKillop will be better served with an independent.”

Mitch was elected to the South Australian Parliament at the 1997 election.

As Opposition spokesman for water security, Mitch believes that water is one the most, if not the single most important issue facing South Australia.

He has a plan of action to end the years of neglect that the River Murray, and water policy in general, has suffered under the Rann and Weatherill Labor governments.

Mitch knows that water must be the first priority of a Liberal government and that is why he is a strong advocate of the Liberal Party’s policy to recycle at least 50 per cent of the stormwater currently going out to sea, which will help reduce our reliance on the River Murray.

Mitch has been a farmer for most of his working life, and has a first-hand understanding of running a business in a rural and regional community.

Mitch is also working hard to ensure that the lack of support by the Labor government for country health and country roads is corrected, and that the electorate of MacKillop is given its fair share of funding from the State Government.

Mitch and his wife Leonie have four adult children.

Donella Peters has loved the Australian bush since she was a child exploring Waterfall Gully in Adelaide’s foothills with her father.

She expresses her love of nature by helping organisations that look after the natural environment.

She is a long-term member of the Australian Conservation Foundation, the Wilderness Society and Bush Heritage, to name just a few.

Donella understands that it is the natural environment that sustains human life on this planet, and that this should be a key concern for government.

She also upholds principles of treating people fairly and has been a member of the local Oxfam group for 15 years.

Local issues of concern for Donella include restoring local indigenous vegetation, protecting conservation parks and treating vulnerable people with compassion.

The people of MacKillop have a clear choice on March 15, a choice between Labor’s plan to create jobs and grow industry and the Liberals’ plan to cut services.

Rural and regional SA cannot afford cuts to vital health and education services.

We have seen the devastating impact on jobs a “hands off” approach to the economy has had in SA with the announced closure of Holden, yet the Liberals continue to advocate for this approach.

Labor has the runs on the board, growing our economy and creating 110,000 jobs since coming to office.

Only Labor will protect jobs and support industry.

Opposition Leader Steven Marshall is an inexperienced first-term MP who will toe the Liberal Party line while Premier Jay Weatherill will stand up to the Abbott government.

The people of MacKillop deserve a local MP who is energetic, enthusiastic and will not take the seat for granted.

Let’s keep building South Australia by voting Labor on election day.

I am a lifelong resident in MacKillop and have been in business and had 14 years’ experience in local government, including as Mayor.

I have also been involved in church ministries.

I have travelled overseas and interstate.

I am a war veteran and believe my lifelong values are the same values as the majority of people in MacKillop: upholding traditional family values and a sound moral lifestyle.

Too often in politics we are seeing issues debated that run against those values, and MacKillop needs a strong voice on those issues as well as local issues.

I believe strongly in civic involvement and helping the needy.

For decades I have had a concern for the elderly and visited them, particularly those who are in aged care homes. 

Family First supports the fracking moratorium in the South East that the community wants there. 

We are also opposed to administrative cuts to 110 kilometre per hour speed limits without community consultation.

Family First is committed to get a plan and funding for duplication of the Dukes Highway. 

We fought hard for years to get more PATS funding for getting to medical appointments, which now sees Liberal and Labor parties both bidding $2.5 million in increased funding.