Murraylands, Mallee MPs head back to Opposition

THE Murraylands and Mallee representatives in State Parliament are headed back to Opposition after independent MP Geoff Brock's decision to return Labor to power.

Liberal MPs Adrian Pederick, Stephan Knoll, Mitch Williams and Tim Whetstone will find out in the coming weeks what part they will play in Steven Marshall's shadow team - provided Mr Marshall is allowed to continue as leader after a party meeting on Thursday.

Labor's return all but confirms $7.5 million in funding for the Tailem Bend Motorsport Park, a campaign promise, but meant the Gifford Hill racecourse development at Murray Bridge would almost certainly miss out on $15 million promised by the Liberals.

Mr Pederick said he despaired for South Australia under a Labor government.

"The State is in a world of pain, running up a $14 billion deficit, and I can't quite understand (Mr Brock's) decision, especially with the regional development policy framework we put up," he said.

"It will be interesting to see what Mr Weatherill said to Geoff Brock about parts of our policy he'll match or possibly better." Mr Pederick said he would continue to represent the electorate of Hammond to the best of his ability.

"It'd be nice to be in power and pulling the levers, but I'll still take Hammond's issues up to the government on the floor of the house and in meetings with ministers," he said.

Mr Brock chose to use his deciding vote to support Jay Weatherill's Labor government after neither side of politics won a majority of seats at the State election and the other independent MP, Bob Such, announced he would take several months off due to illness.

Given the circumstances, Mr Brock said his desire for a stable government had left him only one option.

"In the scenario of 23 seats won by each party, the State Government would continue to be in caretaker mode for possibly two to three months, waiting for Bob Such to return to office," he said.

"If that were to happen, long delays in decision-making could result in unfair increases in costs to our already burgeoning business community."

Mr Brock, a former mayor of Port Pirie, will serve as Regional Development Minister and Local Government Minister in the returned State Government.

Member for Hammond Adrian Pederick will be back on the Opposition benches.

Member for Hammond Adrian Pederick will be back on the Opposition benches.