You know you're from Murray Bridge when...

Living in Murray Bridge is unlike living anywhere else, and we think that’s worth celebrating. 

The Ngarrindjeri people knew it, the Edwards family knew it, Henry Park and the bridge-builders knew it - they were on to a good thing. 

 The Standard has listed 20 things only Murray Bridge people would have experienced, what else deserves to make the list - what does Murray Bridge have that nowhere else does?

What sort of things might be on a list for Tailem Bend, or Mannum, or Meningie?

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A list like this needs more of your ideas - so have your say today.

PS - Help us build a unique picture of Murray Bridge with credible ideas - no need for errant rants.

  1. You’ve had a savoury slice. And enjoyed it. Ideally in a flat roll.

 2. You’ve been breath-tested on your way home from Dundee’s.

  3. You still call it Dundee’s (not the Swanport Hotel). You still call the Murray Bridge Hotel “Leahy’s” and Murray Bridge Newsagency and Toyworld “Hallandal’s”, even though it must have been at least 10 years by now. For a place formerly known as Pomberuk, Mobilong and Edwards Crossing, we don’t adapt well to name changes, do we?

  4. You were terrified of the bunyip as a child.

  5. And now you take friends from out of town to see it, hoping they’ll be equally terrified. 

  6. You still chuckle and/or sigh when someone mentions the Redlegs.

  7. You know Birdsville isn’t just a place in outback Queensland.

  8. You refuse to shop on Bridge Street unless you can get a park right out the front.

  9. You burned your hands and/or bum on metal play equipment at Puzzle Park.

10. You’ve been underground: to dances in the basement of Eudunda Farmers, or the record shop in Ruge’s Arcade.

11. You went to the drive-in. (You probably arrived in the boot of a car, or on a sofa on the back of a ute).

12. You know someone who makes a point of saying they live at Riverglades (or Avoca Dell, or Sunnyside), not just on the Eastside.

13. But you’ve gone shopping on Bridge Street on Christmas Eve, when it was closed to traffic, mostly so you could catch up with friends.

14. You doubt Gifford Hill will ever get off the ground. They’ve been promising it for how many years now? 

15. You’re still waiting for Monarto to boom.

16. It looks normal to you that the arch on the rail bridge isn’t in the middle.

17. You’ve laughed at people who pronounce it “Minj”, or “Jerv-wah”, or “Bo-champs”.

18. You’ve been down Death Bridge. Don’t try that at home.

19. You believe the Murray Bridge High School formal is one of the social events of the year.

20. The smell of morning dew and processed meat makes you feel at home.


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