Long weekend river safety

River users need to be proactive about staying safe on the water this long weekend, the River Murray Boating and Recreational Advisory Group (RMBRAG) suggests.

Spokeswoman Georgina Sutton said river users needed to behave themselves or restrictive laws could be introduced.

"No matter what your activity - boating, jetskiing, fishing or relaxing on the bank - we have a responsibility to others and the environment," she said.

She said RMBRAG was developing a series of guidelines to help river folk, based on a survey which found jet ski use, noise, wash from boats and vessel operators' behaviour were the community's four most prominent concerns.

"We look forward to presenting the data to the full (RMBRAG) committee and developing strategies, with the communities, to mitigate these issues," she said.

Member for Hammond Adrian Pederick commended her advice to river users.

"For those of us who are planning on enjoying the River Murray over the October long weekend, please remember we all use the river for different activities and don't want anyone spoiling that for others," he said.