Ballarat man's $3000-a-day ice addiction

A MAN told police he used between $2000-$3000 of ice per day to deal with his failed marriage, a court has heard.

Marc Osbourne, 32, resorted to theft to buy gifts for his children, with whom he has limited contact, and on two occasions was caught stealing children's clothing from Ballarat stores.

Scott Belcher, for Osbourne, said it was a "very bad situation" for his unemployed client, who had limited finances, to be spending excessive amounts on drugs.

Osbourne was jailed for 12 months on Tuesday after pleading guilty to two counts of burglary, numerous thefts and possess a prohibited weapon - all of which breached an existing community corrections order (CCO).

Osbourne, of Sebastopol, must serve a minimum of six months before he is eligible for parole.

After smashing a window at Sebastopol Mitre 10 on December 11, the court heard Osbourne cut himself on the jagged glass when climbing through the window, leaving blood on numerous items inside.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Steve Kent said police matched Osbourne's DNA with blood samples.

A week later Osbourne entered the site through a hole he previously cut in the fence.

The court heard Osbourne used a brick to smash the window before fleeing with numerous power tools, which the accused later told police were on sold to buy ice and gifts for his children.

Mr Belcher said Osbourne had an extensive criminal history and had "just about every disposition (from the courts) imposed on him".

He urged magistrate Michelle Hodgson to impose a longer than usual parole period or a further CCO.

"If he severs that link with ice while he is in custody, it may help him comply with a CCO next time," he said.

Magistrate Hodgson said Osbourne's self-disclosed substance abuse was significant and concerning.