Prescribed burn-off at Ferries McDonald Conservation Park

A prescribed burn is planned at Ferries McDonald Conservation Park today, Wednesday, March 30, weather conditions permitting.

The prescribed burn will start at 12pm and should be complete by 5pm on Thursday, March 31.

It will affect about 32ha east of Ferris McDonald Road.

A significant smoke column will be produced during this burn.

This is normal for burns of this size.

Ferries McDonald Road may be affected by smoke and will have traffic restrictions during the burn.

The burn will be carried out by the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) and Country Fire Service (CFS).

The primary objective of this burn is to reduce fuels in the area to prevent the spread of bushfire and improve habitat.

It is part of a state-wide program of prescribed burning in high-risk public land areas this autumn.

Creating strategically-located, fuel-reduced areas through prescribed burning is essential in helping to reduce the potential spread and impact of bushfires on communities and the environment by providing earlier containment options for firefighters.

A list of the week’s planned burns is available on the DEWNR website.

Prescribed burns will only be carried out when it is deemed safe to do so and may be cancelled at short notice.

Fire crews will remain on site until safe to leave.