Federal Election 2016: Barker electorate candidates fight for your vote

Greens candidate Mark Keough, Labor candidate Mat O'Brien, Liberal MP Tony Pasin, Fairfax Media Journalist Peri Strathearn, Nick Xenophon Team candidate James Stacey and Family First candidate Yvonne Zeppel.
Greens candidate Mark Keough, Labor candidate Mat O'Brien, Liberal MP Tony Pasin, Fairfax Media Journalist Peri Strathearn, Nick Xenophon Team candidate James Stacey and Family First candidate Yvonne Zeppel.

The five candidates for the seat in Barker faced a number of questions at The Standard’s Barker Election Forum.

See what each of the candidates wanted voters to think about as they head to the ballet box. 

Liberals to deliver for jobs and growth

Tony Pasin MP urged the public to think very carefully about their vote and the work he has already done.

“I want people to consider their vote very seriously, I don’t want them to risk their vote, I want people to stick to the plan, it’s a plan for jobs and growth.

I’m not going to talk to you about the work I will do, I’d ask you to reflect on the work I have done. 

And it’s the work I’d love quite frankly to be given the great privilege of continuing. 

We need to vote for a strong, stable, majority government there is far too much uncertainty in our world just at the minute to take the risk and so I say to you, don’t risk your vote.

Support the Malcolm Turnbull coalition team to deliver for jobs and growth and your local Liberal candidate in me.”

NXT keen to make history in Barker

James Stacey reminded voters of his farming background and that he would work hard for the electorate. 

“I put myself forward in the electorate of Barker to try and make a difference, and I think just by me running in Barker, I’ve made a difference. 

The opinion poll that came out a couple of weeks ago indicated that the Xenophon team standing in Barker could make a real impact in Barker. 

I think from my answers to my questions, I’m a quietly spoken person but I am someone you can trust, I’m a farmer, I can work hard for the electorate to get the job done for the benefit of the whole population. 

And I think if you can give me the opportunity we can make some unique history here at the next election, the first time in 107 years that the seat may change hands so if I’m given that opportunity I will work as hard as I can for the benefit of all of the electorate.”

Labor to improve health system

In closing, Mat O’Brien wanted to remind people of a few things.

“I want you guys to think about as you go to the ballot and I would say a lot of you may have already, it’s been very busy at the pre-poll but I want you guys to be thinking about a strong medicare, a properly funded hospital system and $50 million on additional needs based funding for our schools in Barker alone over the next three years. 

A real NBN roll out not a ‘fraud-band’ like we have currently, funded legal service, child care assistance and protecting our penalty rates, and the last thing I want you to ask yourself is, if you’re going to vote for the Liberals, it’s a democracy; but if Tony Pasin can’t support Malcolm Turnbull, why should we?”

Family First for small business

Family First candidate Yvonne Zeppel asked voters to keep the following in mind as they approach the ballot box on Saturday July 2.

“You’re certainly supporting families, small business and small family farms, family business and encouraging people to develop jobs, cutting back on red tape and high taxes significant to support the growth in businesses.”

When introducing herself, Ms Zeppel, said she has been a teacher in both private and public schools for a number of years.

She said family is something that is important to her as well as small businesses.

Ms Zeppel said small businesses are the basis for job creation and growth.

Greens party think about the future

Greens candidate for Barker, Mark Keough encouraged voters to support the party in the Senate.

“Look I think it’s very clear that the Greens are completely different to the old parties, we have a future view, we look at sustainable models and a modern view of Australia.

What I would say most of all though, you know, it’s a tough ask to get a Greens MP elected in Barker but I want to see us support the continuing great work that Robert Simms and Sarah Hanson-Young do in the Senate.

So I want you to seriously consider what you do with your vote and encourage you to vote for the Greens, if not in Barker the certainly consider doing so in the Senate.”