Parker Street renamed Monument Corner Crescent to help locate Mannum District Hospital

A section of Parker Street that hosts the Mannum District Hospital has been renamed to ensure the hospital is easily traceable with GPS devices.

Mid Murray Council renamed the stretch of road following concerns from within council and the community that people could not locate the hospital with new technology.

While the hospital will remain on Parker Street, the section of road closest to the river between Randell Street and Esmerelda Street has become Monument Corner Crescent.

Mid Murray Mayor Dave Burgess said it was essential the hospital was easily accessible, particularly in times of crisis.

“Parker Street, where the hospital is located, has two separate streets and therefore people can end up hundreds of metres from their intended search location,” he said.

“We need to ensure that in times of emergency, our hospital is easy to find.”

He said council acknowledged the need to adapt around new technology for the public.

“Some people use their phones, or other GPS technology to search for locations on a map,” he said.

“Understanding this as a Council, we need to ensure that our hospital is easily traceable using these online systems,” he said.

Mr Burgess said the new name also allowed council to pay tribute to Monument Corner and the sacrifice of many service men and women it represents.

“It was also a great way to pay tribute to Monument Corner in Mannum, and what this area means to the community,” he said.

Monument Corner Crescent was one of ten name suggestions to arise from community consultation with council.