Private land a possible solution for The Bend's overflow

In just over a year’s time, The Bend Motorsport Park is expected to be up and running and the Coorong District Council has began strategising ways to handle the large amount of people expected to come to the area.

Mayor Neville Jaensch said the council had been having discussions with other areas that host large events and event camping was a strategy that would be explored. 

Businesses, community groups and private land owners would provide a section of land and host caravans, RVs and more at a cost effective price.

Mayor Jaensch said it would just be used for overflow.

“We are not out to destabilise any local businesses,” he said.

“It would be far a very limited use, as the name suggests.”

“We will look at is as a management tool, we are looking to minimise the side of road use.”

He said it could be an opportunity for the community, smaller land owners, to capitalise on the traffic the motorsport park is expected to bring.

While the idea may seem straight forward, Mayor Jaensch said there are many issues that they would need to work through to ensure it is successful.

“It comes with responsibilities such as insurance and the minimum provision of services, water, rubbish and toilet facilities,” he said.

The responsibilities would fall with the the land owner.

“The land owner would have to have their own insurance.”

“If extra services are required, that would be something they would have to discuss with council too,” he said.

Land owners would also determine their own fee structure.

Mayor Jaensch said he had heard that people in the area may be interested in event camping and may have other ideas too.

“Anybody within our community that has a proposal that may be able to value add, we want to hear from them,” he said.

“We would be failing if we didn’t now exercise our minds on the positives.”

CEO Vincent Cammell said it was important to be thinking about it now.

“If we do the background work now, it will help when it comes down to it,” he said.

“We have received some advice but it’s small steps at the moment.”

“Thinking about it now means we are minimising risk and minimising surprise.”