• Champion Fleece: Mill Park
  • Champion Ewe Fleece: DA and GM Eckert
  • Most Points: Greg Tynan

Home produce

  • Aggregate Trophy, Classes 1-13: Betty Casanova
  • Aggregate Trophy, Classes 14-26: Christine Klitscher
  • Aggregate Trophy, Classes 27-42: Wendy Uren
  • Apricot Jam: Jacqui Foster


  • Best Cut Cake: Carolyn Johnson
  • Most Exhibits in Section J: C Johnson, Julianne Wandel
  • Most Points in Section J1: Jean Davis
  • Most Exhibits in Section J1: Julianne Wandel
  • Best Exhibit in J1: Skye Klitscher
  • Most Points in Section J and J1: C Johnson, Julianne Wandel
  • Scone Competition winner: Julianne Wandel


  • Collection of Vegetables/Fruit: John Uren
  • Most Points in Section: J Uren


  • Most Points in Classes 1-9: Nadene Jericho
  • Most Points in Classes 10-15: Olaf Schroder
  • Most Points in Classes 16-21: Michelle Raper
  • Most Points In Section: N Jericho
  • Most Outstanding Exhibit: Shirley Lutze

Patchwork and applique

  • Most Points, Section: Michelle Raper
  • Most Outstanding: M Raper
  • Best Original Design: M Raper

Knitting and crochet

  • Champion Garment: Katleen Bentley
  • Most Points In Section: K Bentley
  • Most Points, Junior Knitting: Jessica Williams

N: Crafts

  • Most Outstanding Exhibit: Shirley Lutze
  • Most Points in Section: Neil Davis and Olaf Schroder tied on 16
  • Class 21, 5 items: O Schroder


  • Open Champion Entry: Leanne Schilling
  • Most Points: Rosemary Gerhardy
  • Most Outstanding Exhibit, Kindy-Year 1: Talli Schilling
  • Most Outstanding, Years 2-4: Hamish Dow
  • Most Outstanding, Years 5-7: Cooper Geue

Cut flowers

  • Champion Rose of Show: Catherine Gibbons
  • Champion Australian Native: Faye Klitscher
  • Champion Cut of Show: Betty Casanova
  • Most Successful Exhibitor of Section: Cheryl Miegel

Floral art

  • Champion Floral Art: Monique Moore
  • Champion Pedestal: Marie Hunter
  • Novice: Sarah Kleine
  • Most Points: Monique Moore

Pot plants

  • Champion Pot Plant: Phil Miegel
  • Most Points: Phil Miegel


  • Most Points, Open Section: Emily Mueller
  • Most Points, Reception-Year 7: Chloe Noack
  • Most Points, Year 8-12: Cherie Kennett

Junior craft

  • Most Outstanding Exhibit, Kindy-Year 1: M Jacobs; Most Points: B Morgan
  • Most Outstanding Exhibit, Years 2-4: E Johnson; Most Points: E Johnson
  • Most Outstanding Exhibit, Years 5-7: C Geue; Most Points: C Geue
  • Most Outstanding Exhibit, Secondary: J Williams; Most Points: J Williams

Junior cookery

  • Most Points, Kindy-Year 1: I Hincks; Most Points: E Johnson
  • Most Points, Years 5-7: K Husband
  • Most Points, Years 8-12: B Gemmell

Junior Lego

  • Best Exhibit, Kindy-Year 1: A Sturm
  • Best Exhibit, Years 2-4: S Hincks
  • Best Exhibit, Years 5-7: L Schmerl
  • Secondary: B Schmerl

Mallee Stump Toss

  • Men’s open: Jayden Coleman
  • Women’s open: Kat Stolarski
  • Boys 16 and under: Brad Noske
  • Girls 16 and under: Tully Heinrich
  • Boys and girls under 12: Blake Gowling