Monarto Zoo celebrate baby Chimpanzee Enzi's first birthday on October 19

Streamers, wrapped presents and a watermelon birthday cake filled the Chimpanzee enclosure at Monarto Zoo yesterday morning to celebrate a milestone.

Visitors gathered to watch the Chimp troop explore their decorated enclosure to celebrate the first birthday of youngest family member Enzi.

Monarto Zoo Senior Primate Keeper, Laura Hanley, said Enzi had captured the hearts of staff and visitors alike over the last year.

“Enzi has brought so much joy to the Monarto Zoo family, arriving during a particularly difficult time last year after the loss of his Aunty, Soona, and her infant Boon,” she said.

“He is an incredibly cheeky chimp who loves to get up to mischief with his big sister, Zuri. It’s wonderful to walk in each morning and hear their laughter ringing through the building.”

Ms Hanley said Enzi had a bright future ahead and marked a significant contribution to the international breeding program “working to save this incredible species from extinction”.