Comedian Kevin Kropinyeri brings Homecoming tour to Murray Bridge on November 19

Stand-up comedy legend Kevin Kropinyeri is honouring his Murraylands roots in his latest tour Homecoming.

After six years of growing success across the eastern states, he is returning to Murray Bridge to share his new locally inspired material.

Born and bred in Murray Bridge and Tailem Bend, Kevin Kropinyeri battled “dysfunctional beginnings” in his youth to become a nationally renowned comedian.

“I’ve come from a troubled background but I’ve had a lot of healing and it changed my life for the better,” he said.

From a jail cell in Dubbo 13 years ago, Kevin made the decision to turn his life around and follow his love for art.

“It was the third state I’d been locked up in so I decided things needed to change,” he said.

That was 2008, when left his mistakes behind and “never looked back”.

“I was in and out of trouble and made some poor decisions but I’ve owned everything I’ve done and put it behind me,” he said.

“I’m taking the pain of my past and finding the funny to make a living and do what I love.” 

From there, Kevin was dedicated to art and gave Murray Bridge some of its greatest mosaics.

In 2010, his career took a turn and this artist turned comedian hit the road to show Australia his “polished material”.

“I draw on my personal experiences, good and bad, and day to day life to create my shows,” he said.

For Homecoming, Kevin has utilised local references.

“I’m even talking about the bunyip so I hope locals come a long – I promise I won’t pick on anyone,” he said.

For Kevin, returning home permanently is the dream.

“I live out of a suitcase but I plan to move home sooner rather than later but my work keeps me east,” he said.

“I’m a river lad and I miss home.”

He paid homage to his homeland when he named his youngest son River.

As a father of eight, Kevin has taken his children around the country with him.

Kevin will be at the Murray Bridge Town Hall on November 19 from 7pm.

Tickets are $30, head to to purchase.

I’m taking the pain of my past and finding the funny to make a living and do what I love

Kevin Kropinyeri