Murraylands fire risk increased for summer 2016/17

The Murraylands will face a higher than normal fire risk this summer due to significant rainfall deficits in recent years.

Research by the Bushfire and Natural Hazards Cooperative Research Centre (BNHCRC) revealed that the Murraylands, along with the Upper South East and the Riverland would be likely to see above normal fire potential over 2016/17.

The original bushfire seasonal outlook for 2016/17 was re-examined for southern Australia after the country experienced the second wettest winter on record and further rainfall through September.

BNHCRC said whilst rainfall received across the state during spring would assist with growth, field observations have resulted in the fire danger season commencing on the traditional dates.

It said that normal to above normal fire activity could see the need for firefighting resources deployed over a longer period of time.

The areas with most potential for above normal activity may pose resourcing issues should an above normal level of activity be experienced.

The Country Fire Service said the new research did not mean the rest of South Australia would not face a bushfire risk this year.