Earthquake strikes near Murray Bridge | INTERACTIVE MAP

An earthquake which struck in Murray Bridge over night has been felt by thousands of South Australians.

The 3.7 magnitude earthquake struck 12.08 am on Thursday, February 2, and had a depth of 10 kilometres.

Senior duty seismologist at Geoscience Australia Hugh Glanville said the epicentre of the earthquake was initially located 10.8 kilometres south west of Murray Bridge but has since been moved to a point on Loddon Road at Riverglades.

“It has moved to the other side of Murray Bridge now and there is a 95 per cent chance it is the correct location but there is a possibility it could change again,” he said.

Mr Glanville said a method called “complex form triangulation” had been applied to determine the epicentre.

“We look at data from 24 stations around the country and assess the size of the signals at each one compared to how far away they are from it and determine the epicentre from that,” he said.

He said the earthquake was felt by residents at least 100 kilometres away from the epicentre in Murray Bridge.

“We’ve had reports of shakes for at least 10 seconds but it would have been felt stronger around Murray Bridge,” he said.

“It would have been louder and residents would have experienced stronger shakes.”

Mr Glanville said the tremor was considered close to moderate but still reasonably minor.

“We’ve had no reports of damage reported yet and we’re not expecting any,” he said.

A spokesperson at Monarto Zoo said the earthquake had not impacted the animals.

Fairfax Media asked readers how the quake affected them and their responses are on the interactive map above.

Readers reported feeling it as far as Balaklava, Normanville and New Well near Blanchetown.

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