Lower Murray HardCourt Tennis reports

Concentration: Jervois' Brittany Liebich keeps her eye on the ball during her recent junior hardcourt tennis match against Mannum Gold.

Concentration: Jervois' Brittany Liebich keeps her eye on the ball during her recent junior hardcourt tennis match against Mannum Gold.


Lutheran Blue v Jervois

In near perfect conditions, top placed Lutheran Blue took on the second placed Jervois side.

In the doubles, Lutheran’s Andrew Ahrens and Bradley Zadow had a good win over Jervois’ Gale and Liebich.

Jervois’ Mitchell Gale and Cameron Braendler responded well and had a convincing win of their own over Liam Joppich and Clarke.

Lutheran’s Adams and Denman played well to defeat Smith and Braendler and again, Jervois bounced back with their players Alexander Hall and Tegan Afford winning over S Zadow and Mach, making scores two sets each.

In the singles, the big winners for Lutheran were Ahrens, B Zadow and Joppich.

Joppich played particularly well against Braendler, his serves were consistent and he was willing to go for the big smash.

For Jervois, Hall, Gale and Afford had convincing wins.

Hall played against Lutheran’s Leo Mach, on their previous two encounters it has been one set all but it was Hall’s day, he proved the better with a 6-1 win.

Luke Smith played good consistent tennis to defeat Lutheran’s Jordan Adams.

Towards the end of the match, it came down to the last set between Lutheran’s Shawna Denman and Hayley Braendler.

It was neck and neck and could have gone either way, it came down to five all.

If Denman won, the match would have been a draw, Braendler needed the game to claim the victory for Jervois and she got what she wanted.

Jervois won, 7-5.

Brinkley v Lutheran Red

Brinkley started the morning well, winning three of the doubles on offer. 

Edward Rigney, Dan Curcudel and Lachlan Treloar made up the numbers for Brinkley while Lachlan Sonntag filled in for Lutheran.

The closest match of the day was between the top double combination of Alex Hein and Ryan Lee against Lutheran Red’s Jordan Hein and Brayden Hein. 

This game featured many hard hitting rallies and good ball placement by all.

Brinkley were the eventual winners, 6-5 (7-3) in a tie breaker.

In the second doubles match, Brinkley’s Watts and Allchurch combined well to defeat Red’s Dudley Rigney and Chloe Geue, 6-1. 

While in the third double, Daniel Buhagiar’s experience gave him and partner Edward Rigney the edge.

They defeated Lutheran Red pair, Harry Rigney and Abbey Geue, 6-2.

The singles competition resulted in four sets for each side.

Jordan Hein played well to defeat Alex Hein, 6-2.

Brayden Hein picked up another set for his team winning, 6-1 against Lee.

Both games featured many hard fought deuce points, which made it difficult for the spectators to determine who was ahead.

Watts and Dudley Rigney had a long singles battle, both boys were determined to close out the deciding points but Watts was the eventual winner, 6-4. 

Allchurch also became a two-set winner for Brinkley, by playing a consistent game to defeat Chloe Geue, 6-1.

Daniel Buhagiar had a comfortable win against Harry Rigney, 6-1.

Brinkley’s Edward Rigney faced the more experienced Lutheran Red player Abbey Geue who won, 6-1. 

Lachlan Mann had a close game against a keen Dan Curcudel.

Mann gained another set for his team, winning, 6-4.

In the eighth single, Lachlan Treloar picked up another set for Brinkley with a close, 6-4 win over Lachlan Sonntag. 


Brinkley v Lutheran Blue

Brinkley hosted Lutheran Blue in what promised to be a finals-like showdown.

Lutheran Blue shot out of the blocks winning all four doubles.

The fourth doubles match went down to the wire, with Blue’s Stephanie Hagger and Bradley Zadow eventually defeating Brinkley’s Zoe Pearson and Adam Hill in a tiebreak.

Brinkley couldn’t conjure up a comeback as Lutheran stayed solid in the singles, winning five of eight matches

Brinkley’s Damien Bates and Blue’s Eric Baker played out a hard match that Bates eventually won in a tiebreak.

While there were many close matches and played in good spirit, Lutheran Blue were too strong in the end, winning, 9-79 to Brinkley, 3-54