Serenity Nursery: Pots for sale


When you walk into Serenity Nursery you will be amazed by the large selection of outdoor pots on offer.

There are glossy glazed pots in all the colours of the rainbow and pots with an earthy finish.

From urns to tall modern shaped pots, you will find a pot to suit your home and garden.

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Serenity Nursery’s pot sale has been extended due to its popularity, so you can save 20 per cent off outdoor pots until February 19.

There’s outdoor furniture, garden statues, teak dining tables and wall art on sale too.

Marian Elliot of Serenity Nursery says: “There are some great specials when you have a look around the nursery; some items have been drastically reduced.”

There are some very unique pieces available including a peacock chair, a three-metre long teak ding table, gargoyle statues, water features, coffee tables, candle holders and gifts and jewellery in the gift shop.

These charming items can’t be found anywhere else as Serenity Nursery are direct importers, handpicking each unique piece.

Of course Serenity Nursery specialise in plants for the garden too.

If you need ideas on plant selection Serenity have a great range to choose from.

For more details visit Serenity Nursery, 201 Mannum Road Murray Bridge.

Or like their Facebook page here.