Foodbank SA CEO Greg Pattinson speaks to Murray Bridge pensioners' association branch

Foodbank SA CEO: Greg Pattinson. Photo: Linkedin.

Foodbank SA CEO: Greg Pattinson. Photo: Linkedin.

The Murray Bridge branch of the SA Pensioners Association held their first social afternoon for the year on Wednesday, January 25 in the John Dohler Hall on Swanport Road at 1.30pm.

The president opened by welcoming all members, wishing them a happy new year and then singing the Song of Australia, followed by the Pensioners’ Prayer, Lord’s Prayer, then one verse of Abide with Me and the club song.

Members with birthdays in February were given a card and Happy Birthday was sung to them.

A list of apologies was then accepted.

Secretary Laurel then read the minutes of the last meeting in November.

Social business was as usual and a raffle for the door prizes was drawn, with thanks to Alan Wood for preparing them.

Ian Hollick and Sue Highett delivered prizes to the winners, being Doreen Borchardt, Kevin Dabinett, Nancy Crocker, Irene Mitchell and Vi Evans.

Members did forget their trading table due to the transfixing nature of the entertainment.

Greg Pattinson, the chief executive officer of Foodbank in South Australia, gave a talk on the fantastic work Foodbank does for genuine people and children in need.

Members must be thanked for their most generous donations of food in huge box-fuls.

Joining hands, all sang Auld Lang Syne and God Save the Queen and closed the meeting in time for a welcome cuppa.

The branch’s next social afternoon will be tomorrow – Wednesday, February 22 – at 1.30pm in the John Dohler Hall on Swanport Road.

As always, visitors are most welcome to attend and join branch members in entertainment, afternoon tea and socialising.