Greyhound development approved

A development application do build a dog shelter on an Old Princes Highway, Murray Bridge East property was approved at a Rural City of Murray Bridge Development Assessment Panel meeting on Friday, March 17.

This was the second time the development had been presented to the panel as amendments were requested to be made to the first application.

Helen and Greg Board have a greyhound shelter in Orange, New South Wales and wanted to purchase the Old Princes Highway property from Shirley Swaalf with intention to build another shelter that has a 30-dog capacity.

“Why I want to come here, is because I am 65 now and I just want to slow down a bit,” Mr Board said.

His son intends to take over their current shelter in Orange and Mr Board said he wants to continue raising and racing greyhounds.

He said he currently has to travel four hours to a racecourse but Murray Bridge has several at about an hour’s distance.

“Murray Bridge is a go ahead place and it will be a nice place to live,” he said.

Owner of a neighbouring property, Peter Meech objected to the development because he said it was intrusive and wanted the shelter to be moved. 

“To my mind the council, in its desire for commercial development, has decided to downgrade a pleasant, semi rural, Eastside Rural Fringe retirement community into greyhound alley,” he said.

“In doing so they have applied inappropriate full rural intensive animal keeping provisions to an area which cannot reasonably support that level of activity, I strongly disagree with that and will also be looking at options to seek change to that policy."

Assessing officer Glenn Searle said the proposal displayed sufficient merit to warrant consent.