A tug of the heartstrings

It was a heartwarming moment which couldn’t fail to bring a smile to onloookers at Williamstown Primary School’s Sports Day on Wednesday.

Eight-year-old Eddie Hall – who lives with cerebral palsy – took off down the track with the help of a teacher.

After giving him a headstart, his classmates took off, soon catching up.

But, instead of passing Eddie, classmates Joseph Przbilla, Jack Winen and Alex Croton stopped as they reached him, and supported Eddie to cross the finish line.

Eddie takes home first place

Eddie’s Mum, Bek, couldn’t help but smile at what took place.

“I thought it was the nicest and most inclusive thing that could’ve happened for Eddie,” she said.

“It was beautiful, I wasn’t expecting him to walk that far, or to have those boys beside him, it was really a special moment.

“I had the tears prickling, but I managed to hold it together.”

Eddie’s cerebral palsy affects the left side of his body, leaving him with limited mobility, but it doesn’t stop him from participating in school activities.

“When he started school, there was always that concern that he was going to be bullied, or made to feel different,” Bek said.

“But Williamstown Primary has been amazing in supporting him and our family, and making him feel included, as well as going the extra mile to make sure he can be involved in things like Sports Day.

“I want to say thank you to the school for being so supportive, and an extra special thank you to those boys for making that happen for him, it was a really big moment for him.”

Principal Julee Veljanovski said it was an “amazing” moment.

“Having watched Eddie across the years participate in Sports Day in the past, doing relays in his wheelchair, it was amazing to see him be able to use his walker,” she said.

This story Eddie’s special day first appeared on Barossa & Light Herald.