New war memorial for Anzac Day 2017 at Bowhill | PHOTOS, VIDEO

A modest Murraylands town has proven that a united community can achieve great things.

The fifty residents of Bowhill banded together with the wider community to raise $16,000 and honour the locals who served in the world wars.

Next Tuesday morning, a new war memorial and two grand silhouettes of servicemen will be unveiled at the Anzac Day dawn service.

Inscribed on the war memorial stone, that was erected last Thursday, are the names of war veterans who were born and bred in Bowhill.

President of the Bowhill Progress Association Shane McGrath said it meant so much for the families of the men and woman who served.

“It’s great for the next generations to understand our history and will be great for tourism and drawing people to the town,” he said.

As a ex-servicemen, Mr McGrath said it gave him goosebumps to see the memorial completed.

“You really can’t express how good it is… something like this doesn’t happen without a lot of hard work and the community has really gotten behind it.”

He said it has brought harmony to Bowhill.

“People were happy to donate because it brings unity to the town and has pulled everyone together in the right direction,” he said.

After drawing a crowd of 300 last year, Mr McGrath said the committee were hoping to see 500 this year as a result of the new installments.

In January, 130 people attended a fundraising dinner at Bowhill that resulted in $16,000 of donations.

In response, Mid Murray Council covered the cost of labour to see the town’s dreams come to fruition.

Ash Morrell said his father Owen Morrell had been integral in identifying the veterans who are now honoured on the memorial.

The dawn service will begin from 6am and a breakfast will follow at the community centre.

Family members of the servicemen named will unveil the memorial.