Clinton Pryor's walk for justice reaches Murray Bridge | PHOTOS

For the past 238 days, Clinton Pryor has walked more than 3315 kilometres to fight for the rights of his people.

He is crossing the country in his Walk for Justice to unite Indigenous Australians and “return the power to the people”.

“There has been so much suffering for the past 230 years since colonisation and the government has lost its way,” he said.

“It’s time now for the queen herself to return the government to our people and give Australia back to the sovereign people of this land.”

Clinton entered Murray Bridge last Thursday and shared his hopes and dreams with locals as he arrived at Sturt Reserve.

“This is our land… I’m not a British person, I am a sovereign person of this land and black fella law should sit above white fella law,” he said.

“Walking across the country for my people just to speak to the prime minister will create something big and it has never been done before.”

He is proposing the Governor General of Australia be replaced with a cultural council.

“People would be voted into the council by our people and all laws from the Australian government would have to pass through the council for approval,” he said.

Full of hope, Clinton left Perth on September 8 last year with 5581 kilometres ahead of him.

He has followed the song lines across the outback and visited remote communities along the way.

“We went through Uluru, Alice Springs and Cooper Pedy on our journey towards Canberra,” he said.

“I travelled through to find the truth about how my people are living and understand the different law and dreamtime story.”

“It is devastating the way some of our sisters and brothers are living out there.”

Clinton is expected to reach Canberra at the beginning of August.

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