NETBALL: Match reports from the round six clash between Ramblers and Mypolonga

At full stretch: Ramblers' Tania McFee and Mypolonga's Sheridan O'Brien on action during their A grade clash on the weekend.
At full stretch: Ramblers' Tania McFee and Mypolonga's Sheridan O'Brien on action during their A grade clash on the weekend.

In perfect netball conditions, Ramblers hosted the Mypolonga Netball Club for their round six clash. 

Ramblers started with the first centre pass and moved the ball quickly into their goalers but they missed the first shot.  

Mypolonga rebounded strongly and transitioned the ball quickly down the court to score the first goal of the game.

The first quarter was a tussle between both sides and it was being played at a fast pace. 

Mypolonga were able to come out slightly in front, 11-12. The second quarter saw Mypolonga lift their defensive intensity which resulted in Ramblers making a few errors. 

Mypolonga capitalised on these errors and their goalies Maddie Salter and Ashley Biddle combined well in the goal circle and were shooting very well.

Rambler Annie O'Neil worked hard in defence for and picked up some much-needed intercepts which helped to keep her side in the game. 

Jazzy Trevorrow and Nikki Dougall were combining well in the midcourt to provide shooters Neesh Siedel and Tania McFee plenty of scoring opportunities.

Mypolonga were able to keep a small lead and at the half-time break, two goals up.

In the third quarter both sides made changes and Steph Lubcke went into centre for Ramblers and Jess Hein came on at wing defence. Mypo brought on Zoe Kiley-Gepp into the wing attack position. 

Mypo adjusted to the changes quicker than Ramblers and they applied so much defensive pressure to Ramblers. 

The Tigers’ hard work paid of in this quarter and they were able to extend their lead out to five goals.

The last quarter was by far the most exciting quarter as the Rambler girls came out with conviction and were determined to get back in the game.

Ramblers made positional changes again which saw Steph Lubcke move into goal attack and she provided the spark her side needed.

Annie O'Neil and Sammy Kluske were solid in defence for Ramblers and picked up some much needed intercepts and rebounds. 

Ramblers capitalised on every opportunity they had and within the dying minutes of the game the scores were level.

It was an exciting finish and the spectators were cheering loud for both sides. Centre passes were important and both sides were continuing to apply pressure as the goalies for both teams were shooting brilliantly.

When the quarter ended the results were a draw at 46 all.

Best players: Ramblers - Sammy Kluske, Nikki Dougall; Mypolonga - Maddie Salter, Sheridan O'Brien.

B grade

Ramblers turned over Mypo’s first centre pass of the game and Kate Barnes converted an easy shot under the post. They continued strongly with all players showing greater desire for the ball than their Mypo counterparts. 

Emily Carter and Rhianon Grosser were always an option through the midcourt and fed the ball with precision into Emily Hurford who was holding strongly and converting accurately. Ramblers’ cohesive team play saw them have a handy lead at the first break.

Ramblers began the second quarter with greater focus on getting the ball and capitalising on every opportunity. Kate Barnes’ steady precision passing in goals often caught Mypo defenders Lauren Howsen and Sara Meneghetti out of position allowing Ramblers to hold onto their lead at the long break.

A swift start to the third quarter saw Mypo catch their opponents off guard and get some quick goals on the board through Holly Wachtel and Georgia Payne who presented confidently in the goal circle. Ramblers allowed some basic errors to creep into their game which Zoe Harrison and Kiahn Nayda took full advantage of moving the ball quickly into attack to further lessen Ramblers’ lead.

Ramblers stepped up the pace and intensity in the final quarter with Fiona Garlett and Kelly Barton-Ancliffe picking up several loose balls, which saw them move the ball more confidently down the court.  Emily Hurford and Kate Barnes continued to create space in the goal circle and captilise on everything that came their way to take an 11-goal win.

Best players: Ramblers –  Kate Barnes, Emily Hurford; Mypo – Holly Wachtel, Zoe Harrison  

C grade

This top of the table clash had Mypolonga firmly entrenched as favourites and from the first whistle they rebounded a missed opportunity by Ramblers and sent the ball into attack and converted with ease. The first quarter settled into an evenly contested affair with both sides converting the opportunities that they were given.

The second quarter saw Ramblers fight back and keep pace with the rampaging Mypolonga but the score board kept turning in the visitors favour. The third quarter again saw Ramblers searching for a combination that would negate the full court dominance that the Mypolonga girls were displaying. Ramblers went goal for goal with Mypolonga from the centre passes but mistakes and turnovers cost them dearly.

In the final term Ramblers went looking for some respectability to the score line but the well drilled Mypo team stopped every move and went further ahead finishing the game off strongly and confidently. The final score line of 36-65 didn’t reflect the general play but a well-deserved two points went to Mypo.

Best players: Ramblers – Chris Herbertson, Ashleigh Marcus; Jervois – Jordana Martin, Rani Smith.

17 and under

Mypolonga started the game strongly against the Ramblers side with Georgia Duell and Rainey Lewis shooting well, creating a five point lead at quarter time, 15-10. In the second quarter Ramblers’ Emily Burt and Skyeisha Rigney were fighting hard to get the ball into the goalies.

At half-time, Mypo led 24-32. The second half was intense, with both sides applying pressure with lots of intercepts happening all over the court. Defence inside the circle was very tight on both sides especially with Chloe Elliot using her body to get rebounds and block Ashley Dougall from shooting.

Both sides played exceptional netball, Ramblers applying pressure on the last few minutes, making Mypo fumble. But Ramblers couldn't keep up, making Mypo win the game 51-45.

Best players: Mypo - Rainey Lewis and a Hannah Brown; Ramblers- Jemma Chapman and Skyeisha Rigney.

15 and under div 1

Kara Reed kicked off the game, allowing Mypo shooterTahlia Hunger-Glasser to score the first goal of the game. Ramblers tried to fight back, but Mypo scored the next two goals.

Rambler shooter Ally Bormann fought back hard for her team to score their first two goals. Both teams feeling the pressure as he top two were playing it off. Ramblers finally found their feet, scoring a couple handy goals to get in front. Ramblers Annabelle O’Neil provided plenty of pressure on the Mypo shooters taking clean intercepts which enabled them to score again.

Mypolonga shooters Tahlia Hunter-Glasser and Chloe Pahl moved around the ring well to find front position to make it easier for their attackers to feed the ball into them to score while defender Kara Lewis was being an option in the midcourt to help get it down. At the end of a close first quarter Ramblers led 13-9.

Mypo shooter Tahlia Hunter-Glasser has shot the first goal at the start of the quarter again, while Chloe Pahl quickly followed after with the next.

Ramblers goal keeper Abbey Lehmann continuously used her height well to grab intercepts allowing Ramblers to score off it. Mypo centre Kara Reed and Rambler centre Eboni Taylor were fighting hard as Ramblers were struggling to find their groove.

Ramblers were feeling the pressure forcing it into their shooters but not scoring off of them. Abbey Lehmann was finding hope for her team by taking intercepts allowing shooter Ally Bormann to score. Ramblers were still in front 23, Mypo 16. Ramblers have swapped shooters around with Bormann back into goal attack and Lucy O’Neil into shooter.

Ramblers started with the centre pass going into the third quarter, but Mypo wing defence Chelsea Gotch had come onto the court and taken a fantastic intercept to allow her team to get the first two goals of the quarter. Ramblers were trying to adjust to the changes and not having enough movement in the centre court, allowing Mypo to get a few handy goals.

Mypo Kara Lewis was grabbling rebounds but Lucy O’Neil positioned herself back in the goal third to get an intercept and a goal off it. Ramblers started to get a run on for the first time all game with both shooters scoring well to lead, 35-23. Mypo once again starting off strong, scoring the first goal. Ramblers were quick to react after scoring the next two.

Mypo centre Kara Reed was holding her team together proving strong leads down the court and plenty of encouragement as Ramblers started to show their experience when things get tough. Ramblers were strong all the way to the end winning by 12 goals, 46-34.

Best players: Ramblers - Eboni Tayla, Lucy O’Neil; Mypolonga - Kara Lewis, Tahlia Hunter-Glasser.

15 and under division two

In a one-sided affair, Mypolonga played a great team game which was far too strong for Ramblers on Saturday.

Mypolonga used their turnover opportunities well with goaler Jayda Stimpson finishing off after solid defensive work by the Tigers’ back half.

Ramblers had a few injuries in the game and some positional changes were required which to their credit created in the last term a much more even hit out.

Some glimpses of impressive play just weren't enough for Ramblers to match the four quarters of consistent netball played by the Mypolonga team. 

The Tigers ran out big winners 21-69.

Best players: Ramblers - Makayla Barton-Ancliffe and Charli Juergens; Mypolonga - Jayda Stimpson and Larissa Pike

13 and under division two

Mypolonga started the game working hard on their defence all over the court making it hard for Ramblers to get the ball into their goalers.

Mypolonga’s wing defence Baylee Cooper made a number of great interceptions this quarter.

Ramblers worked hard to unsettle Mypo but any loose balls they caused were quickly picked up by the Mypo players. 

Mypolonga led at the first break 6 to 2.

Ramblers moved Chelsea McKenzie-Campbell to goals where she combined well with Mia Parker to get the ball under the ring.

Mypo’s Kathryn Hutchinson was having a fantastic game easily finding the ring.

Ramblers Zoe Portarianos made Hutchinson work hard for each ball and rebounded any misses well.

Savannah Walker who came on at keeper for Ramblers was using her height well with hands over the ball and chased up any loose balls she created.

Mypolonga increase their lead slightly to lead 14-7 at half-time.

Both teams started the third ball striving hard to maintain possession of the ball but both team’s passing let them down with the ball going from end to end.

Mypo’s Hutchinson continued to find space under the ring despite the tight defence of Portarianos.

Ramblers defensive pressure all over the court and the great combination of their goalers McKenzie-Campbell and Parker gave them the upper hand this quarter to reduce Mypolonga’s lead to 19-16.

The final quarter saw Ramblers come out playing hard and looking for a win.

Mypo’s shooters Hutchinson and Cooper had to work hard against Ramblers Portarianos and Walker to get the ball close under the ring.

Ramblers free flow into their goal ring was thwarted by Mypo’s goal keeper Hannah Schutz who was reading the play well. 

All players were putting their all in trying to get the ball to their scoring ends but most misses were being rebounded by Ramblers give them the edge this quarter.

Despite the strong efforts put in by players on both teams the game ended with a draw with a score of 26 all.  

Best players: Ramblers: Chelsea McKenzie-Campbell, Zoe Portarianos; Mypolonga:  Kathryn Hutchinson, Baylee Cooper

11 and under division one

The first quarter saw Ramblers take an early lead with excellent defensive pressure applied.

Lilly King, Ramblers, intercepted several balls and picked up any loose balls that came her way which the Rambler goalies converted.

Ramblers’ Mia Vivian was having a great game making effective decisions with her passing.

Mypo’s Kady Reu was working through the middel and to move the ball down the court.

The scores at quarter time were 14-1.

The second quarter began with the two Ramblers goalers Shonia Modra and Georgia Trevorrow working together more cohesively scoring everytime the ball went down their end.

Mypolonga continued to apply effort but still found it difficult to break through the Rambler defence of Taite Whiting and Layla Hearne.

At half-time Ramblers lead, 25-2.

In the third quarter the Mypolonga goalers of Ava Lindner and Kady Reu were creating plenty of space in the goal circle & their mid court players were able to pass the into them with greater ease.

Meanwhile Amber Vardon at goal keeper was beginning to pick up intercepts for her team.

Taite Whiting continued her outstanding game at wing defence for Ramblers intercepting many forward moves.

At three-quarter-time Ramblers lead 32 to 5.

The final quarter was a much more even affair with neither team able to assert their dominance.

 However Ramblers’ effort in the first three quarters was certainly enough to secure them the win 35 to 8.

Best players: Mypolonga – Ava Lindner, Kady Reu; Ramblers – Taite Whiting, Lilly King, Shonia Modra.


The Minis game between Ramblers and Mypolonga started with Ramblers centre pass.

The game was evenly contested between both the sides, with several turnovers occurring at both ends of the court.

There were several scoring opportunities for Ramblers in the second half of the game but they were unable to convert.

The final score was Ramblers 0 to Mypolonga 0. 

Best players: Ramblers - Marni Woidt; Mypolonga - Demi Harrington 

Control: Mypolonga's Kate Nolan looks to pass to a team-mate during her A grade clash on Saturday.

Control: Mypolonga's Kate Nolan looks to pass to a team-mate during her A grade clash on Saturday.