NETBALL: Match reports from the round six Meningie v Mannum clash

A Grade

After a foggy morning, the sunshine was out for the A grade match between Mannum and Meningie.

Mannum got off to a great start, scoring the first five goals.

racy Dabinett at goal attack and Taylor Poole at goal shooter shared the shooting duties.

An intercept from Meningie’s centre Olivia Gallio gave her team the inspiration they needed to start their attack.

Mikayla Nicholson at goal shooter was the target and she didn’t disappoint, shooting confidently and helping Meningie take the lead, 17-14

Meningie turned over Mannum’s first centre pass, converting through Nicholson. Sylvia Lynch at wing attack provided precision passing into the Meningie goal circle.

Tia-Jae Conway-Jaensch at goal defence for Mannum got a couple of important intercepts, which gave Mannum opportunities. At half-time Meningie led by seven, Meningie 32, Mannum 25.

From the start of the quarter, Meningie had quick ball movement and smooth transitions all over the court with Gallio leading by example.

Mannum became more patient, working hard to get the ball into the goal circle and Dabinett forced possession changes with her tight defensive skills.

At three-quarter-time scores were; Meningie 46, Mannum 37. Mannum had nothing to lose in the final quarter and fought hard until the final whistle.

They managed to claw back a few goals but Meningie kept ahead to win the match by six goals. The final score was Meningie 55, Mannum 49.

Best players:  Meningie - Mikayla Nicholson, Olivia Gallio; Mannum - Tracy Dabinett, Tia-Jae Conway-Jaensch

A Reserve

Meningie started the game strongly with great attacking movement from Olivia Callio.

There combination of Megan Smart and Hollie Cockshell ensure all opportunities were rewarded. Mannum steadied and drove the ball well into attack giving them the edge at quarter time.

Both teams continued to apply pressure across the court, making it hard to score. Shohan Fidge and Deanna Paech were moving nicely and shooting with accuracy. Mannum were able to increase their lead by one.

Caitlin Clothier and Kate Treloar were working hard in the goal circle, not allowing Paech or Fidge any free movements. Turnovers were created and Sharna Chaplin drove the ball well into their attacking end. 

The final quarter saw Mannum increase their work rate. 

Kellie Klose, Georga Wiebrecht and Danika Oothuizen were creating a number of turnovers and their hard work was rewarded on the score board. 

After a great game, which was close until the end, Mannum won by 13 – Mannum 51, Meningie 38

Best players: Mannum – Georga Wiebrecht, Kellie Klose, Shohan Fidge; Meningie – Megan Smart, Caitlin Clothier, Sylvia Lynch

B grade

Both teams went in to this game eager to get their first win on the board.

With the scores going goal for goal for the first few moments of the game, it didn’t take long for Valerie Gollan and Shania Weedra in goals for Meninigie to find their range in a quick five-goal succession.

A game ending injury to Mannum’s wing defence Ebony Gogel saw Shari Hampel come on at wing defence forcing her defensive team mates Sam EIchler and Toni Berlin to step it up and that they did, creating numerous turnovers.

With a six-goal lead, Meningie went in to the second quarter with changes in both their attacking and defending line ups.

Annabelle Fagan moved from centre to goal keeper and Emma Marles went to the other end of the court to join her team at goal keeper.

Mannum adapted well to these changes with Mannum’s goal attack Zara Male converting from her team’s turn overs and eventually winning the quarter by two goals.

Shanai Weedra went back on into goal attack for Meningie in the third quarter creating more movement for her team’s attacking line up.

Madison Muirhead at cenre for Mannum showed signs of struggling during the last half of the third quarter and moved in to goal shooter for the last quarter due to injury.

The positional changes made by Mannum in the final quarter rattled them and allowed Meningie to dominate the final term in a well deserved final win 39 to 27.

B reserves

Meningie started the first quarter strong scoring the first couple of goals while Mannum found their feet. Mannum managed to get many turn overs in defence but were unable to convert

At the end of the first quarter Meningie were up 13-5.

Mannum started the next quarter with a few turnovers and were able to convert.

Meningie shooters were very accurate scoring every goal that got in the circle, at the end of the second quarter Meningie were still leading 23-9.

Meningie’s defence was great putting pressure over every ball and continually rebounding off of missed shots from Mannum.

Going into the last quarter scores were Meningie 35, Mannum 18.

During the last quarter Mannum put up a good fight but Meningie got away with a great win. Final scores were Meningie 44- Mannum 24.

17 and under

Perfect weather conditions presented for this match and Meningie won the toss.

Mannum quickly turned over the ball and made the first score.

Mannum’s goal shooter Shari Hampel working well and scoring strongly for Mannum. There was great feeding by wing attack Nikayla Clark and centre Monique Stennett.

Meningie struggled to get the ball passed wing denfence Anika Wheeler and goal defence Rachel Paech.

At the end of the first quarter Mannum took a strong lead, 15-7. In the second and third quarter Meningie lifted and made Mannum work hard.

Meningie’s Bridgette Lewis at goal attack worked hard for her team and followed through with her goals.

Mannum’s Kady Poole worked hard in defence with Rachel Paech and held Mannum 43-26 at end of third quarter .

In the final quarter Mannum continued to work hard and Mannum centre Gemma Horstmann made great flow for her team into attack.

Goal attack Nikayla Clark and goal shooter Shari Hampel ontinue to move well and play well, finishing off the game with a great win; 55-37.

Best players: Mannum – Shari Hampel and Monique Stennett; Meningie - Bridgette Lewis. 

15 and under division one

Mannum came out firing this week, with Liana Webster scoring the first goal of the game.

The first quarter was one of thrills with Phoebe Wegener taking multiple intercepts while Meningie’s Alyssa Wilson and Sheniqua Shaw efficiently capitalised on their center passes. The first break saw Mannum up ,12-8.

The second quarter saw Mannum step it up again, with Maddy Jarred and Mylee Dabinett working well together.

Georgia Evans and Annie Weetra fought back in the mid court applying pressure where ever the ball was.

At half time the score was 27-13 Mannum’s way.

Meningie then came out firing, scoring 10 goals in the third quarter. Georgia Whithead causing a number of turn overs in Mannum scoring end.

The final quarter saw Cheyenne Gladigau and Jaelee Tabe fight hard for turn overs.

But Janette Wanganeen was moving too well in the goal ring. The final score was 36-37 Meningie’

13 and under division one

In sunny conditions at Mannum, it was a top of table clash in the 13 and under division one.

Meningie came out srongly in the first quarter with some great shooting from Chelsea Swan .

There was good midcourt pressure from both teams with Amy Dohnt from Mannum getting hands to many balls. Meningie were up, 6-9.

In the second quarter there was great contests all over the court but the matchup between Piper Wegener and Meaghan Lewis was awesome with both players giving their all for their respective teams for the whole game. At half-time, Meninige led 15-19.

The third quarter saw Meningie dominant in most positions with Jessica turner, Meningie, driving strongly through the centre with Mannum still applying pressure.

At three-quarter-time, Meningie were up 18/33

Mannum made changes putting Elise Horstmann into goal keeper which did make an impact but to Meningie’s credit their defensive pressure in midcourt, saw the ball keep returning.

Mannum never gave up but Meningie winners by 20 goals, 27 to 47.

Best players: Mannum - Piper Wegener, Amy Dohnt; Meningie - Meaghan Lewis, Chelsea Swan 

11 and under division one

With more than half of Mannum's team made up of girls still eligible for mini's it was always going to be a tough game.

Meningie like Tailem the week before had very tall and skilled players all over the court.

Natalie Frahn, goal defence and Siennah Reichstein, goal keeper for Mannum had their work cut out for them against Ella Swan and Addison Swan, goal shooter and goal attack for Meningie.

Kealie Cheriton at centre for Mannum ran well for her team.

Imogen Frahn, goal shooter for Mannum scored the only goal for the team. At quarter time though Meningie had a nice lead 10 to Mannum 1.

Mikayla Bellinger entered the game at goal shooter for Meningie and towered over Siennah Reichstein, but to Siennah's credit she worked hard and Mikayla didn't have an easy quarter. Kaylee Schellen came on at wing defence for Mannum and worked really hard getting some lovely intercepts.

Sascha Baker at goal attack for Mannum was having a great game.

Sieira Ridley, centre and Caitlin Turner, wing attack for Meningie combined well. Meningie had an excellent quarter scoring 11 goals. Half time Mannum 2 to Meningie 21.

Third quarter, Ellouise Kuhn came on for Mannum at wing defence and provided some great leads, her opposition Jasmine Cunneen at wing attack was evenly matched.

Mannum worked really hard this quarter and kept Meningie to just six goals, but were unable to convert themselves.

At three-quarter-time the score was Mannum 2, Meningie 27.

For the last quarter Shylie Mason, at wing defence for Mannum, made Chloe Retsas earn all her possessions.

Mannum combined really well in this quarter and were able to put two more goals on the scoreboard while limiting Meningie to just eight.

The final scores were Mannum 4 to Meningie 35.

Best players: Mannum – Natalie Frahn and Sascha Baker; Meningie – Sieira Ridley and Caitlin Turner.


It was a cold, foggy morning, the girls were shivering but keen to take the court.

Mannum started off strongly with excellent ball movement through the mid court.

In particular Kianah Burns was able to find space to provide opportunities for her goalies. Mannum led at the first break 2-0.

Constant defensive pressure from Mannum's offence and defence were able to limit Meningie the opportunities to score.

Half time scores saw Mannum led 4-0.

Changes were made by both teams and Meningie’s Serenity Booth provided good drive to allow her goalies opportunities.

But Mannum capitalised on their lead, with great defence, going into the last quarter 7-0.

Meningie scored from Ava Zimmermann shooting there only goal.

Mannum's Eloise Kuhn shot brilliantly all day shooting all 8 goals.

Mannum were too strong and won 8-1.