Murray Bridge Garden and Floral Art Club May report

April was a busy time for the Murray Bridge Garden and Floral Art Club.

The month included legal advice from guest speaker Tim Donlan, and an afternoon tea at the Crowley family home.

Mr Donlan addressed the monthly meeting on the importance of having an Enduring Power of Attorney, Advance Care Directives and a Will in order.

In opening his address, Mr Donlan said, “Having these documents is very important as they are instrumental in protecting both yourself personally and also your estate and intended beneficiaries.”

“Your Will allows you to appoint who you want to control your estate and it allows you to state who you want to leave your estate to,” he said.

“If you do not have a Will then the State Government can determine the distribution of your estate and divide up your estate by a pre-set Government formula known as the laws of intestacy.”

“This may also result in increased costs.”

According to Mr Donlan, legal incapacity falls into two categories: financial and lifestyle/medical.

An Enduring Power of Attorney “allows a person to appoint who they want to control their property, legal and financial affairs,” he said.

One or more decision-makers can be appointed to make lifestyle decisions on an individual’s behalf, such as where to live and travel, when to enter a nursing home.

This decision maker can also make medical decisions on a person’s behalf, seek and receive information for them, and attend to other personal matters.

“The person or persons you appoint can also decide what medical treatment(s) your receive or don’t,” Mr Donlan said.

Saturday April 29 saw club members attend an afternoon tea at the Crowley family home on the banks of Murray River at Wellington, followed by a walk through the gardens.

Club Publicity Officer Peter Crowley said the property has been in the family for three generations.

“My late Grandfather, Mr Joe Vick formally of Edwards Street Murray Bridge, acquired the property in 1950,” he said.

“It was my grandfather’s dream to build a fishing shack on the block, but sadly he passed away at his desk at the Murray Bridge Railway Station in 1959, some six weeks before retirement.”

“My late mother, Ursula Crowley was determined to see her father’s dream come true, so in 1984 she built a holiday house on the block and in 1991 both my parents moved permanently to live at Wellington.”

“Upon the passing of both parents, my sister Vicki, with her partner Fiona and I decided to acquire the block from the remaining family, hence making three generations owning this most beautiful of spots.”

The Murray Bridge Garden and Floral Art Club is always keen to broaden its membership base.

Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month at the Seventh Day Adventist Church hall in Murray Bridge from 7:30-10PM.

For more information, contact Mrs Chris Butcher 8532 3580 or 0419 856 414.

April competition results -

B. Fruit: Equal 1st J Hanson/R & C Butcher

C. Large Garden Cut: 1st P Christian, 2nd R & C Butcher, 3rd B & D Hoffman

D. Small Garden Cut: 1st P Christian, 2nd D Bolt, 3rd B Rule

E1. Rose Cut: 1st R & C Butcher, 2nd R & C Butcher, 3rd B Rule

E2. Miniature Rose Single bloom: 1st R & C Butcher, 2nd R & C Butcher, 3rd B Rule

F.  Vegetables: 1st B Rule, 2nd B & D Hoffman, 3rd S Patrick

G. Home Produce: 1st B Rule, 2nd B & D Hoffman

H. Pots/Containers/Hanging Baskets:

1st R & C Butcher, 2nd B Rule, 3rd P Christian

I. Craft: 1st U Wegener,

J1. Eggs: 1st B & D Hoffman

Overall champion: P Christian