Powerlifters Kevin Conway, Bev Morgan, Janet Smith set records at state titles

Bev Morgan and Janet Smith are new to powerlifting, despite both being old enough to compete at a Masters Games.

Kevin Conway, their instructor, had not competed in years.

Yet all three came back from the recent GPC state powerlifting titles not just with medals, but with Australian records in their classes.

Smith lifted 170.5 kilograms in the age 47/75kg class, Morgan 142.5kg in the age 53/60kg class and Conway 243kg in the age 55-59/100kg group.

Morgan said she had been focused on fitness for about eight years, but nothing like this.

"It's pushing your body beyond what you ever thought it capable of doing," she said.

"You've just got to push beyond the pain, shut down the pain to get stronger, and just have that determination and fight for where you're going.

"Age is no barrier."

Their training over the past four to five months has consisted of intense workouts of up to two and a half hours.

"Kevin has been a really good coach, really hard on us but good, right where we need to be," Smith said.

She did a bit of lifting in her youth, in the days when Conway ran a gym on Cypress Terrace.

"I moved, married, that stuff," she said.

"I stayed strong throughout the whole time, I've been to the gym on and off through those years; now I feel like I've got some direction.

"I see myself doing this for quite a few years now, something I'd like to follow and keep achieving."

Conway only decided to enter the competition four weeks ahead of time and still came third in the open class.

Now he has his sights set on a world record.

The trio thanked the team at Anytime Fitness, massage therapist Sammy Bakker and chiropractor Brenton Klemm for their support.

All three hoped to compete in the CAPO SA state titles this Sunday.