FOOTBALL: Bluds, Bears, Roos winners in fiery round 8 River Murray clashes

Jervois takes downs Tigers by 101 points

Mypolonga 7.6-48

Jervois 23.11-149

MYPOLONGA: Goals: J. Moss 2, C. Pengilly, S. Elliott, L. Gotch, S. McDonnell, L. Dodds-Watson. Best: L. Butler, S. McDonnell, S. Elliott, J. Altmann, B. Murison

JERVOIS: Goals: J. Hardy 8, R. Willits 4, D. Barry 3, T. Burkett 2, T. Dunne 2, Z. Barry, P. Zarantonello, C. Robins, O. Love. Best: Z. Makins, J. Hardy, R. Willits, D. Barry, T. Gibson

REPORT: Mypolonga hosted Jervois four their round eight encounter.

The match was played in mostly sunny, windy conditions but during the last quarter some light showers prevailed.

The winning margin, a whopping 101 points to Jervois, surprised many.

Bluds coach Ryan Willits had his team firing early and with some good work in the centre, the ball moved easily into  the Jervois forward zone.

His side managed to get early goals and the Mypo boys were a little slow to react to the early pressure.

Hardy and Barry worked well in the forward lines and were making it look easy.

Jervois showed early in the match that they were going to use their size and strength to advantage and get their opponents out of position and win more than their fair share of the marking contests.

McDonnell and Altmann for the Tigers were seeing plenty of the footy for their side.

At quarter time, Jervois were six points up.

In the second quarter Jervois dominated, adding an easy eight goals to their tally, while holding Mypolonga to just one goal.

Hardy continued to find the goals with ease for the Bluds and was well assisted by Willits.

Youngster Ben Muirson for Mypo had plenty of possessions and showed he has a very bright future at the club and team-mate Locky Butler was chalking up plenty of stats as well.

At times during the match it looked more like a wrestling competition than a footy match and this was very evident just after the half time siren sounded.

At times during the match it looked more like a wrestling competition than a footy match and this was very evident just after the half time siren sounded.

If things had been nipped in the bud very early in the match it might not of ended up this way.

The margin at the main break was a massive  51 points to Jervois.

Jervois continued their excellent work with the footy in the third term.

Makins was hard and tough all day for Jervois and featured prominently for his side.

McDonnell and Altmann continued to work tirelessly for the Tigers but it just wasn’t working for the Mypo boys.

Barry and Hardy continued to work hard for Jervois and were doing it in a canter.

Mypo again were held to just one goal for the quarter, while for Jervois it was raining goals for them and they easily notched up another seven for the term.

At the last break Jervois were up by 89 points.

Jervois were full of running and continued to do it easy in the last quarter, their pace, toughness at the ball and precision kicking stood out.

The Mypolonga players were trying hard but it just wasn’t working for them and Jervois were the much better side on the day.

The Bluds ran out massive winners after a great team effort.

IT was a good effort by Hardy of Jervois who kicked a handy eight goals for his side.

Mypolonga’s only multiple goal kicker was Moss who notched up two.

Bears thump Blues in fiery affair

Meningie 17.11-113

Imperials  9.9-63

MENINGIE: Goals: P. Nelson 4, R. Smart 4, B. Martin 3, J. Niven 2, T. Schmid, C. McDonald, B. Fenton, B. Vandenbrink. Best: K. Lohde, P. Nelson, M. Warmington, R. Smart, C. McDonald

IMPERIALS: Goals: B. Dalitz 3, R. Edwards 2, B. Oats, B. Frost, J. Laube, B. Lienert. Best: D. Hollitt, M. Williams, N. Daish, D. Girdham, J. Hollitt

REPORT: MENINGIE retained its position at the top of the River Murray Football League ladder with a hard-fought 50-point win over Imperials at the lakeside oval on Saturday.

It was a highly physical encounter with plenty of niggle throughout the match, particularly in the second half.

The unsociable tone of the match was set early with Imperials’ first forward entry coming as a result of some undisciplined play from the home side, allowing Ryan Edwards to kick his first of two goals for the game.

That goal would be one of only few forward entries for the Blues in the first half as Meningie got on top and dominated for much of the half.

Karl Lohde was outstanding for Meningie in the midfield all day and combined well with ruckman Peter Nelson to give the Bears plenty of drive out of the midfield.

Conversely, Dylan Hollitt was having a big day in the middle for the Blues.  

Lohde and Nelson’s dominance came to the fore in the second quarter, which was the term that set-up the win for Meningie.

After leading by 19 points at quarter time, the Bears piled on seven goals to Imperials’ two in the second quarter to blow the margin out to 51 points at half time.

Nelson had a massive second quarter both in the ruck and also up forward, booting three goals for the term.

A late goal to Brayden Dalitz – his first of three for the match – came as a result of some courageous play from Tom Hines which saw him put his head over the football, gather possession, spin out of trouble and handball off to Dalitz for the goal.

Meningie’s dominance for the half was soured late in the second term when playing coach Brian Fenton was concussed in a nasty incident to take no further part in the game, leaving the Bears with one less rotation for the second half.

Meningie’s dominance for the half was soured late in the second term when playing coach Brian Fenton was concussed in a nasty incident to take no further part in the game, leaving the Bears with one less rotation for the second half.

After a fine and sunny first half, the rain set in during the third quarter along with some thunder and lightning, making conditions very slipper in the second half.

The Bears looked to be continuing their dominance early in the third term as they controlled much of the play again and kicked two unanswered goals.

Brayden Frost goaled to break the Bears’ momentum, but some brilliant play from Rhys Smart saw him intercept a kick-in from the scoreboard pocket and follow-up with a checkside goal – his second of the quarter on the way to a bag of four for the match.

Meningie’s lead was out to 59 points at three-quarter time and Imperials set about pegging that back early in the final term with Edwards’s second goal for the match.

Tempers flared again as Smart kicked his fourth goal for the Bears.

Brodie Martin kicked truly from the boundary late for his third goal of the match while a very late goal to Dalitz was a small consolation for the Blues.

Lohde and Nelson were clearly the home side’s best, while Myles Warmington also had a big day in the middle and up forward.

Hollitt, Matthew Williams and Nathan Daish were among the best for Imperials.

The Bears face the tough task of Jervois at Jervois this weekend, while Imperials are back at Johnstone Park against Mannum.

Mannum overruns Ramblers with second half blitz

Mannum 18.5-113

Ramblers 7.9-51

MANNUM: Goals: G. Robinson 8, K. Loechel 3, J. Smith 2, J. Bowen, J. De Zylva, L. Krause, B. Wiblin, J. Mills. Best: J. De Zylva, G. Robinson, R. Reschke, I. Boylan, K. Loechel

RAMBLERS: Goals: D. Wilson 3, L. Button, C. Walker, J. Weyland, P. O''Neil. Best: T. Cowland, P. O''Neil, M. Wegener, J. Weyland, M. Thompson

REPORT: After a even first half, Mannum, at home to Ramblers, ran out comfortable 62 point winners.

Ramblers, strengthened by the return of two top quality players in Matt Thompson and Luke Button, were right in it for just over half the game, and, in fact, should have been in front by a goal or two at half-time.

However, after drawing level early in the third quarter, they did not add to their score until about 10 minutes into the last.

In that time, Mannum had kicked 9-2 to put the result beyond doubt.

The game opened in fine weather, with a stiff breeze blowing to the scoreboard pocket at the netball courts end. Mannum had first use of the breeze, but Ramblers, with Thompson and

Button prominent early, looked more likely to score, but Mannum were able to restrict them

to a single behind, until, 10 minutes in, Gene Robinson’s kick to the goal square was marked by Levi Krause for the first goal of the match.

The game was tight, both sides tackling quick and strong, forcing numerous ball-ups.

Scoring chances were limited, until Patrick O’Neil’s shot hit the post a minute into time-on.

Robinson took the ball off hands for an easy goal, and from the bounce, Krause, limping noticeably, kicked long for Robinson to mark, diving full stretch to his front, and goal, giving the Roos a 16 point lead at the first break.

O’Neil got Ramblers away from the first bounce, then ran 50 metres to win the ball again.

Tyson Matthews took a strong mark from the kick, and David Wilson finished off the good work with a goal after a juggled mark in the square.

From the bounce it was O’Neil again who cleared then followed up for Button to lead well and goal.

Mannum relieved the pressure when, after a series of accurate passes, Callum Cook won the contested ball, and gave Jake Bowen an easy run in goal.

Mannum were getting all players behind centre to defend, resulting in Ramblers controlling the mid-field area, but finding scoring in the crowded conditions difficult.

After several minutes of fruitless Rambler attacks, apart from points, Mannum were gifted a goal when a Ramblers defender, attempting to switch to the attacking side, instead found

Robinson, who, with aid of a 50 metre penalty, kicked his third.

Ramblers speedster Clinton Walker broke away from the resulting bounce, and went on a 4 bounce run, but managed only a point, but Wilson made no mistake from a free.

Mannum got their third for the quarter when Zack Bullard, playing well on his wing, put the ball into space for Ben Wiblin to run onto it.

Wilson got his third to put Ramblers only a goal behind at half-time, but with only 4 goals from 9 scoring shots, they could easily have been in a stronger position.

O’Neil, best on ground to this stage, levelled the scores with a fine goal from deep on the boundary soon after the re-start, but Korey Loechel used his strength to get rid of his opponent to mark and kick the first in a run of 11 unanswered Mannum goals.

Krause’s sharp pass soon gave the big man another, and Ramblers now used the same tactics of getting numbers back to defend.

Robinson, who was bobbing up all around the ground, got his fourth with a neat two-step evasion, then James Smith recovered quicker than his opponent after contesting a mark for another.

Matt Williams and Justin Mills, two of Mannum’s prime movers combined to give Robinson his fifth goal.

Mannum’s unrelenting pressure was telling, and Robinson took his tally to seven with two quick goals - the first from a mark 25 metres out, after a minute before he had been clearing the ball from deep in defence, the second straight from the Eddie Betts playbook, off the outside of his right boot.

Mannum had a 44-point lead at the last break, and any hope Ramblers might have had of a last quarter fight-back was washed out as heavy rain started.

With the oval lights on due to the dark conditions, Mannum continued on their way, with goals to Smith and Robinson.

Ramblers managed a point, their first score since O’Neil’s goal just after half-time.

Jye De Zylva, another very good Mannum player, and Mills got a goal each, before Jarrad Weyland kicked one for Ramblers just before time-on.

A goal each, to Loechel (Mannum) and Walker (Ramblers) finished the game off, and Mannum consolidated a top-two spot with a very good win.