Brodie Martin starred for the Bears with seven goals.

It was another perfect day for footy at Jervois on Saturday, with sun shining and very little if any wind.

The Meningie Bears drew first blood, kicking the first major of the day thanks to a classy snap inside 50 from Myles Warmington.

Jervois were able to quickly reply through Rick Fischer, who also sliced through a snap from inside the arch. The Bluds quickly thumped the ball inside 50 but missed their chance for a rapid consecutive goal, registering a behind.

Meningie were able to force the ball inside their 50, resulting in a stoppage right in front of goal. Jervois rushed the ball through for a behind.

The pressure from both sides was intense from the start, and it was looking to be a tight tussle all game.

The Bluds put the next major on the board, with Justin Hardy kicking truly from the goal square.

They had another shot on goal soon after to make it two goals in a row as Ryan Willits goaled from 30 metres out straight in front. The Bears quickly struck back with a snap in the goal square.

Star Brodie Martin quickly put through another, marking and goaling 20 metres out.

The Bluds had the next shot at goal, but missed and halfway through the first quarter Jervois lead by a point 3.2.20 to 3.1.19.

Goal kicker: Meningie's Brodie Martin booted seven goals in the Bears' win over Jervois on Saturday.

Goal kicker: Meningie's Brodie Martin booted seven goals in the Bears' win over Jervois on Saturday.

There was no score for the next five minutes as the ball was played up and down the ground.

Meningie had the next two shots on goal, with one rushed through for a behind and the other a goal to Myles Warmington.

Meningie put through one more goal for the quarter and they led Jervois by 12 points at quarter time.

Meningie got the first goal of the second quarter with a free kick and goal to Corey McDonald within the first 30 seconds of the quarter.

Jervois pushed forward to take the next shot at goal, but Ryan Willits’ kick fell short and Meningie were able to rush the ball through for a behind.

Jed Durdin put through the next goal for Meningie, taking them out to a 23 point lead.

Jervois were intent to stop the scoring. They held up the play, resulting in a string of stoppages for the next several minutes.

Jervois broke through thanks to Tony Gibson who goaled from the square. Halfway through the second quarter Meningie lead by 18 points.

Brodie Martin hit the scoreboard again, but Jervois were quick to reply with a goal to Justin Hardy leading into half time. Meningie took a 19 point lead into half time 8.5.53 to 5.4.34.

Jervois burst out of the blocks, having the first 4 shots at goal of the second half. They only managed one major, as Matthew Kemp goaled from 30 metres out on the run. There was then another stalemate as neither team could get a clear break in the play. The next shot on goal resulted in another behind to Jervois.

Meningie then took the ball into their forward 50 and goaled from a quick kick in the goal square. They then had one more shot at goal as they got the ball out of the centre, but it was punched through by the Jervois defenders.

Halfway through the third quarter Meningie led by 16 points, 9.6.60 to 6.8.44. Jed Durdin goaled for Meningie and they had another 3 shots at goal, but all missed. The Bears led at three quarter time 10.10.70 to Jervois 6.8.44.

Jervois started the last quarter as they started the third and had two quick shots at goal, with Ryan Willits kicking a behind and Ty Burkett put his through from the goal square.

The game again became congested for the next several minutes, before the Bears got the ball inside their 50 and Peter Nelson put through a crucial major after marking the ball that travelled over the pack.

They piled on the next two goals in similar fashion when Brodie Martin marked and goaled from an identical position on the ground twice.

Martin put one another through the big sticks, making it three goals in-a-row for him and four-in-a-row for Meningie. This blow the margin out to a game-high 37 points midway through the quarter.

The match reverted back to a tight contest, with neither side putting any score on the board until the final moments of the game. 

The Bears ran out winners by 46 points after a dominant last quarter performance: 16.10.106 to 8.10.58.