Roos bleed the Bluds

A Grade

In perfect netball conditions, Mannum hosted Jervois, with Jervois player Leanne Hein celebrating her 100th game.

Mannum started confidently, with Amy Loechel returning from injury, to combine well with her sister Tracy Dabinett in goals. They were well fed through Emily Paech at wing attack and Jemma Woollard at centre. Woollard had a good battle with Tiahne Wareing, with both players providing plenty of drive and support through the middle for their teams. Mannum led 18-9 at the first break.

Jervois circle defenders lifted and Hein picked up some defensive rebounds, using her height well. At the other end of the court Brianna Burt and Emily Hill became more confident with their shots, although Mannum’s Sophie Kroehn and TJ Conway-Jaensch started getting tips and rebounds. Mannum led 31-20 at half time.

Mannum extended their lead in the third quarter, getting up to 20 goals ahead, before Jervois clawed back a few. Kroehn was on fire, gaining plenty of intercepts and rebounds. Tracy Kennett at wing attack for Jervois was pivotal in controlling the play despite hands over the ball pressure from Taylor Poole at wing defence. Mannum led 45-27.

Jervois switched their goalies and midcourt for the final quarter but it didn’t change the momentum, with Mannum winning the match by 19 goals.

Final Score: Mannum 59, Jervois 40

Best Players: Mannum: Sophie Kroehn, Emily Paech. Jervois: Tracy Kennett, Brianna Burt

A Reserve

Jervois started strongly with accurate shooting by Kalarie Jenner and Emily Hill. Jervois’ Tahlia Lloyd and Hailey Perry were contesting every ball and making Monique Eggers and Shohan Fidge work hard for every possession. Jervois lead by three at the first break.

Mannum rallied and increased their pressure down the court. Kellie Klose, Georga Wiebrecht and Danika Oosthuizen were getting their hands to lose balls. Jevois lifted and scored the last seven goals of the quarter to reduce Mannum’s lead to one at half time.

Rachel Gassner and Jodie Burt were both driving strongly for respective teams and creating many opportunities. Eggers and Fidge were gaining the advantage in the goal circle and were increasing Mannum’s lead with accurate shooting.

Both teams lifted and were working hard to create turnovers. Gassner was defending well and getting her hands on many intercepts. Kalarie Jenner was strong in the goal circle enabling Jervois to limit Mannum’s lead. Kady Poole came on again in the last part of the quarter and provided good drive for Mannum. 

Final score: Mannum 54, Jervois 45

Best Players: Mannum: Kellie Klose, Shohan Fidge, Rachel Gassner. Jervois:  Kalarie Jenner, Hailey Perry, Jodie Burt

B Grade

Mannum’s defensive line came out firing, quickly turning over Jervois quarter starting centre pass and Zara Male at GA rewarding their efforts. Chloe O’Leary and Tori Noll in goals for Jervois fought back against their defending opponents Jodie Maloney and Toni Berlin and eventually took control to gain a five point lead going in to the quarter break.

Brianna Wilson joined Mannum in centre for the second quarter feeding her goalies well alongside Madison Muirhead at WA. An injury halfway through the second term to Chloe O’Leary saw Jervois’ Kirstie Gabell switch ends from GK to GS and Demi Jener taking the court to fill the shoes of GK. Mannum matched Jervois on the scoreboard for the second quarter with Jervois still holding a five goal lead.

Kirstie Gabell switched back into defensive for the 3rd quarter and alongside the consistent defensive pressure of Dannielle Stiller at WD, managed to edge the score forward for their team by forcing Mannum’s attack line to make silly mistakes.

Whilst Ebony Gogel at GK and Chloe Schellen at WD continued to apply strong defensive pressure for their Mannum team, it wasn’t enough to stop Jervois who seemed to find a second wind and finished the final term firing largely due to the extremely accurate shooting from Chloe O’leary who had returned to the court from her 2nd quarter injury.

Final score: Jervois 44 def Mannum 27

Best Players: Mannum: Toni Berlin & Madison Muirhead. Jervois: Kirstie Gabell & Deanna Spurling   

B Reserves

The first quarter started off tight with both Jervois and Mannum getting turn overs. Great match up between Claire Hartley and Jess Hood. Jervois took the lead at the end of the first quarter with the score of Jervois 19, Mannum 7.

In the second quarter Kita Bockman and Kimberley Doutre played well against each other. Tash Mason and Paige Kneebone worked well in the ring for Mannum but Alicia Rochler and Corina Trevorrow were tight on their players and had hands over every ball.

The score at the end of the quarter was Mannum 11 and Jervois 38. Kerri Waldhuter and Kayla Schultz ran the mid court well in the third quarter. Tahlia Casey was moved in to GD and used her height advantage against Jess Hood.

Nicile Cerconce was of great use to Jervois when the defence got turn overs and she was able to get the ball down to the attack end.

The score at the end of the quarter Jervois 52 and Mannum 14.

In the last quarter Madeline Jarred was put into GA and used her height to her advantage. Jaelee Tabe and Claire Hartley worked well in the ring but Jess Hood and Kimberley Doutre were accurate with their goals and worked well in the ring.

Final score: Mannum 21 and Jervois 72.

C Grade

Mannum started the game with the Centre pass, but with a great turnover from Jervois they got the first goal. Jervois had a great first quarter fighting hard the ball. Jervois up 15-6 Second quarter Mannum made a couple changes and seen the roo girls get a hold of the game, with great pressure from the Roo's and their goalers shooting well made let Mannum get in front by 1 at the end of the 2nd quarter.

3rd quarter Jervois came out and shot the first goal, with the game going back & fourth goal for goal seen some great netball and shooting from both teams, Mannum snuck in from by 3 by the end of quarter.

4th quarter both teams went out fighting wanting the win, but with great pressure from Mannum they came out winners 38-32.

Mannums best Aimee Hall Brodie Evans

17 & Under

Mannum’s defence had to find their feet in the first quarter as Jervois GS Kacee Verhees and GA Abby Martin worked well together. Mannum's GD Rachel Paech and GK Kellie Modra struggled to turn over any balls when the ball went into Jervois circle. Mannum worked hard to take a couple extra intercepts and held a small lead at quarter time. 13-8

Middle quarters mannum stepped up and started playing hard with a couple changes to settle over the court. Mannum GA gemma Horstmann found her shooting range and worked well with GS Nikayla Clark and Shari Hampel. Mannum Tess Christiansen worked hard at C and WA and converted many balls into her goalies. Jervois still persisted but couldn't hold on towards the end of third quarter. Mannum standing strong 48-16

Final quarter Mannum continued with a strong drive and took a great win.

Final score: Mannum 64, Jervois 21

Best players: Mannum: Tess Christiansen and Kady Poole. Jervois: Demi Jenner and Abby Martin

15 Div 1

Jervois had the first centre pass but with strong rebounding from Phoebe Wegener in goal defence, Mannum converted the first goal through goal shooter Maddy Jarrad.

Mannum’s GK Gemma Dodd, Wegener and Jervois keeper Brianna Williss all worked hard taking intercepts for their respective teams. Mannum’s WD Ella Denver and Jervois WA Hannah Cerone had a good tussle throughout the game.

At the other end of the court WA Mylee Dabinett and Cheyenne Gladigau in centre combined well together to create space and drive into Mannum’s attack, despite strong defensive pressure from Jonayla Rushe and Chelsea Sinclair.  

Mannum GA Liana Webster showed swift moves in the goal circle and together with Jarred, shot with high accuracy.

Jervois goal defence Accalia Oliver and wing defence Tessah Carter had good hands over ball pressure creating errors from Mannum. Mannum led 34 to 12 heading into the last.

Despite great shooting from Jervios goalies Claire Martin and Olivia Hand, Mannum came out victorious winning 48 to 15. 

13 div 1

In sunny conditions Mannum took on Jervois. Mannum started strongly with Piper Wegener everywhere at GA not only shooting goals but also 3 intercepts. Jervois centre Chelsea Towill and Mannum’s Beth Reichstein were well matched both working hard for their teams. 

In the second Mannum’s Elise Horstmann turned over a few balls at GD while her opponent Scarlett Cocks was doing her best to be an option for her team.

Jervois Gk Chloe Allen took some great intercepts in the quarter. While at the other end mannums gk Charlotte Denver also was reading the ball well pulling in some intercepts as well. 

Both teams made changes at half time although Mannum were dominating the game to Jervois credit they never gave up playing the game with great enthusiasm .

Mia Kluge and Amy Dohnt took lots of intercepts, giving Mannum more scoring opportunities with Briannah Grifffiths and Piper combining well in goals.

The last quarter saw Jervois WD Nikkita Flett take an intercept from Mannum’s centre pass while WA Amber Richards had a solid game driving and hitting the circle. Mannum were far too strong all over the court but Jervois's persistence was admirable.

Final score 78-7

Best Players: Mannum: Piper Wegener and Amber Richards. Jervois: Chloe Allen and Scarlett Cocks. 

11 & Under Div 1

Lining up against Jervois was an excited Mannum team, knowing it would be a close game. Jervois won the toss and took the first pass but Mannum were able to turn the ball over and with some good passing moved the ball to Mannum GA Willow Cain and she was able to get the first score on the board.

Sascha Baker, centre, Mannum started the next attack and combined well with Kealie Cheriton, wing attack, Mannum. Dana Eggers made a great lead in the goal ring and passed well between Cain who again scored for Mannum, then putting one through the goal herself. 

Second quarter Taleah Bailey took the court for Mannum at goal attack. Holly Elliot, goal defence, Jervois continued to have a good run against Cain for Mannum. Mannum's defensive pressure from Siennah Reichstein, wing defence and Imogen Frahn, goal defence made intercepts and jumped on any loose ball that came their way. 

Third quarter Jerovis brought on Rexanna Tyler at goal attack, who combined well with Kaitlyn Jaensch, goal shooter. Jervois also stepped up the pressure all over the court turning the ball over. Mannum WA Shylie Mason brought fresh legs to the court, making some lovely leads. 

In the last quarter Mannum GK Natalie Frahn continued to defend well. Mannum players pushed hard to the final whistle but Jervois finished ahead.

Final score: Mannum 11, Jervois 15. 

Best Players: Mannum: Sascha Baker and Willow Cain. Jervois: Kaitlyn Jaensch


Mannum started the game with the first centre pass, and Jervois were quick to over turned the ball to score the first goal. Jervois continued to shoot well and led 6-0 at the first break. Mannum tried to find space but the height of Jervois proved to strong and led at half time 12-0.

Changes were made by both sides. Jervois managed to find space and moved the ball well down the court. Gemma Cocks and Lacey Martin made an impact with great shooting, despite Mannum's Jemma Zadow creating plenty of opportunities with strong defence and intercepts .

Jervois led going into the last quater 15-0. Jervois continued to be too strong and dominated the game.

Final score 22-0