SA victory in 2017 National Football Championships game


In a game that endured a number of intriguing momentum swings, the South Australian’s secured an initial win in the 2017 Australian National Under 18s Football Championships.

Just a single point separated these sides at half time, after the Croweaters had the best of the opening stanza, while the Allies (players from the second division championships states of Queensland, Tasmania, New South Wales and Northern Territory) dragged themselves back into the contest in the second quarter.

Led handsomely by skipper Callum Coleman-Jones SA under 18s kicking six unanswered goals in the third team, and then conceded the first three of the final quarter before winning by weighty 51 point margin.

“The Allies really had a crack in the first 10 of the last term,” SA Under 18s coach Brenton Phillips said.

“Our boys really responded from that point.

“At national level both teams tend to have their moments, there was certainly significant momentum swings in the contest.

“The Allies got us with ball control and movement in the second quarter.

 Both skipper Coleman-Jones and bottom aged player Jack Lukosius as a key lead up forward vied for best on ground honours.

Harrison Petty further enhanced his draft chances with a strong display in defence, while over-ager, Brandan Zerk-Thatcher, along with Brodie Carroll and Sam Davis were good support in the back half.

Both Lucindale lad Darcy Fogerty and showman Izak Rankine had “star” moments, although they fell in and out of the game a little. 

“Izak (Rankine) is a true impact player, while Jack Lukosius announced himself on the national stage,” Phillips continued.

“Callum Coleman-Jones was outstanding both in his ruck work and around the ground.”

“When Allies have their run on- we needed more accountability from our midfield.

“After the loss in round one it was a excellent response by the group.”

Along with winning 15 hits Callum Coleman-Jones had massive 28 possessions for a ruckman in general play.

Rover from Norwood Stefan Giro had a game-high 31 touches, while another  Under 17 Jackson Hately from Trinity College had 27 disposals. 

Sadly in the final two minutes of the game in a contest, North Adelaide/Prince Alfred College forward Hugo Barry injured his ACL and is expected to be sidelines for 12 months. 


2017 AFL Championship U18 - Adelaide Oval - Saturday 17/06/17

SA U18       4.2 6.5 12.9 17.10 (112)


Allies U18    1.3 6.4 6.5 9.7 (61)

Best - SA U18 : - H. Petty, J. Lukosius,  C. Coleman-Jones, I. Rankine,  D. Fogarty,  B. Zerl-Thatcher

Allies U18:- J. Bell, N. Shipley,  B. Scott,  M. Green,  Z. Bailey

Goals - SA U18:- J. Houlahan 4, J. Lukosius 3, H. Barry 2, D. Fogarty 2, I. Rankine 2, J. Rowe, S. Giro, C. Rozee, I. Hewson

Allies U18:- B. Scott 2, H. Dixon 2, J. Powell, S. Davidson, J. Bell, J. Brander, N. Richards