Tailem Bend Community Centre's Grow Free Cart is stocked for all to use.

Adding to their already thriving community garden, produce can now be picked up from Tailem Bend Community Centre’s (TBCC) Grow Free Cart.

Ted Julian and Christine Rhue outside of the Tailem Bend Community Centre.

Ted Julian and Christine Rhue outside of the Tailem Bend Community Centre.

TBCC woodwork tutor Ted Julian built the cart himself in the community centre’s work shed. 

“It probably took about a day to get it all put together and another day to get it all painted, so really it came together quite quickly,” Mr Julian said.  

Centre coordinator Tammy Shepherd said she isn’t aware of any other carts in Tailem Bend, and is encouraging everyone in town to take and replace all they can.

“I think this will be great for the community, and I’d like to see more set up around Tailem,” she said.

Ms Shepherd said they had been trying to get a cart up-and-running for around 12 months, but resources held them back. 

“We were never able to find someone to really take charge of getting the project done, and then Ted came back after travelling and suddenly we’ve got a finished one.”

A smaller stand had also been donated to the centre in the days leading up to the completion of their cart.

“Maree Wilson from Marama, near Karoonda, heard we’d been trying to get a cart started and was kind enough to give us one.

“Because ours is finished now, we had the thought to give the smaller one to the library here and get a Grow Free-style book cart going. So we’ve started talks with the library about that,” Ms Shepherd said.