Karoonda East Murray rates set to increase by three per cent

Karoonda East Murray residents’ council rates are set to be increased.

A three per cent rate rise has been proposed as part of the District Council of Karoonda East Murray’s  Annual Business Plan and Budget draft.

The minimum rate will also increase to $250. 

When asked why rates were increased every year, acting chief executive officer Katrina Fromm initially said it was “just historically done.” 

She then added that she believed the increases were fair and realistic. 

“Normally you’d have to increase rates to cover expenses, but we would have to increase ours exponentially to cover all of our costs, and we don’t want to do that,” she said.

Ms Fromm also said the council’s rates were significantly lower than neighbouring districts. 

“That’s why I think our increases are pretty good.” 

Rates have risen steadily in the last five years:

  • 5pc in 2013
  • 4.2pc in 2014
  • 3.25pc in 2015
  • 3.00pc in 2016
  • 3.00pc in 2017

The community wastewater management scheme has also been increased by $50 per connection, with council working towards full cost recovery of this service charge over the next four years.

The budget is open for public consultation for a period of 21 days.

A copy is available for viewing at council’s office during office hours, and can also be found on council’s website.

Ms Fromm said written responses were preferred, but residents were free to attend the August meeting to voice their opinions.