Eagles down Bluds

LEAP: Jervois Janayla Rush leading her opponent to the ball. Photo: William Bailey.

LEAP: Jervois Janayla Rush leading her opponent to the ball. Photo: William Bailey.


In perfect conditions, both the Jervois and Tailem Bend A grade teams came out firing for their round 13 clash at the Jervois courts.

It was a tight contest from the start.

Tailem Bend were playing as a tight knit team, backing each other up and capitalising on any loose balls and scrappy play.

Emily Hill played well for Jervois, proving to be a strong target in the Jervois goal end.

Kirstie Gregory and Melissa Edwards combined and shot well for Tailem.

Tailem Bend’s overall strong defensive pressure enable them to break away and lead 6-16 at quarter time.

Jervois changed almost every position on court, which allowed Tailem to steam ahead to 8 unanswered goals at the beginning of the quarter.

Jervois’ defence got them back into the game and Candice Love settled their attacking end.

Hill continued to dominate in the circle, shooting with confidence. Both teams had small surges throughout the quarter, until Jervois took control.

Charlotte Richardson, kept fighting for Tailem but was unable to stop Jervois’ strength, which dominated the last half, allowing them to bring the margin back by 2 at half time.

Tracy Kennett was relentless at wing defence for Jervois, keeping her opponents out of the game.

Edwards and Richardson continued to play well for Tailem, while Tiahne Wareing and Brianna Burt ran solidly through the middle for the Bluds.

Jervois continued to dominate the quarter, however accurate shooting by Edwards gave Tailem the edge to win the quarter by a goal.

Jervois continued to play well, and Tailem picked up the pace.

Burt fed well into Jervois’ attack, allowing for Hill and Kalarie Jenner many scoring opportunities.

Gregory and Edwards continued to fight for Tailem, as well as Hayley Davids, deflecting many passes to help the Eagles increase their lead.

Gregory and Edwards continued to fight for Tailem, as well as Hayley Davids, deflecting many passes to help the Eagles increase their lead.

Tailem Bend took the points, winning 43-61.

Best players: Jervois – Tracy Kennett, Emily Hill; Tailem Bend – Melissa Edwards, Charlotte Richardson

A reserves

The A reserve match kicked off with a guard of honour for Jervois’ Melissa Gates who was playing her 300th senior match.

From there, Jervois kicked into gear with a great start, scoring from nearly all of their centre passes and making turnovers all over the court.

Jervois’ Jodie Burt and Tailem’s Kate Wiencke had a great tussle in the mid court, both players creating leads and applying pressure all over the court.

Jervois ended the first quarter up 15-10.

The second quarter saw Jervois increase their intensity and accuracy, with goalies Kalarie Jenner and Candice Love barely missing and making Tailem’s Ebony Bristow and Tahlia Lee work hard.

At half time, Jervois had increased their lead 29-20. Both teams came out firing in the third quarter, with all girls working hard to make turnovers and to score at any opportunity.

Tailem’s Taylor Hansen turned up her pressure on Melissa Gates at WA for Jervois, while Jervois’ Hailey Perry and Tahlia Lloyd turned up their pressure for Tailem’s Kylan Muster and Charley Traeger.

Jervois’ lead increased again at three-quarter time to 43-27.

Tailem BHend came out strong for the last quarter and scored the first 4 goals over Jervois, making Jervois have to regroup and come out stronger.

Sarah Bolt for Jervois helped with a handy turnover, which allowed Jervois’ roll of goals start to come out again.

Breanna Connolly for Tailem tried to help her team settle by feeding well into her goalies, but it wasn’t enough. Jervois ran out strong winners 54-38.

Best players: Jervois – Kalarie Jenner, Sarah Bolt, Jodie Burt; Tailem Bend – Kate Wiencke, Tahlia Lee, Taylor Hansen


Tailem Bend won the coin toss and started the game off strong, gaining the first seven goals.

Jervois started to work as a team and gain some traction, however it was short lived as Tailem Bend played with quick and direct passages of play.

Tailem Bend finished the quarter with the upper hand, leading by seven goals.

Both teams started the second quarter fairly evenly as Jervois began to find some momentum, Tailem Bend however showed they were out to win, picking any loose balls and maintaining their accurate passages of play.

Jervois tried keeping up with Tailem Bend’s game however they increased their lead by 15 over the home team at halftime.

Both sides made changes coming into the third quarter and came out strong with good pressure in defence.

Tailem Bend showed fantastic shooting accuracy by goal attack Bridey Merritt and goal shooter Carley Piggott, increasing their lead further to 23 goals at three quarter time.

Jervois came into the last quarter with good passing and pressure in the defence line but Tailem Bend had already claimed their game, winning the match 40 – 64.

Best players: Jervois - Tori Noll and Kirstie Gabell; Tailem Bend – Bridey Merritt and Leah Kowald.


The first quarter was very competitive, with teams going goal for goal.

Kim Doutre and Cindy Parker shot well for Jervois while Ellen Connolly and Stacy Wilson did the same for Tailem. At the quarter break, Jervois were only down by one, 12-13.

The second quarter started much the same as the first, with both teams unable to get much of a lead going.

Nicole Cercone worked well at wing defence for Jervois, getting some good interceptions and passing the ball well down the court. The score at half time was 21-23.

Tailem Bend increased their lead in the third, with some great shooting from Connolly and Wilson and some aggressive defensive play from Amanda Martin and Georgia Fulton.

Jervois came out with guns blazing in the fourth, with a handy substitution in Kirstie Gabell.

Kayla Schultz at wing attack fed well into the ring, right into Gabell’s hands, bringing the deficit down to just three.

This proved to not be enough to overcome Tailem’s aggressive play with the final margin leaking back out the ten at the final whistle.

Ultimately the third quarter surge from Tailem Bend proved too much for Jervois, with the final score was 40-50.

Best players: Jervois - Kayla Schultz and Nicole Cercone; Tailem Bend - Ellen Connolly and Stacy Wilson


Tailem Bend took the first centre pass to score and maintained a tight defence however Jervois’ Samantha Norton was still able to display some excellent shooting.

Jervois’ defence was just as strong, enabling them to get some turnovers and score goals.

Jervois were nine down at quarter time and came out strong in the second, determined to change that.

Tailem Bend kept up with them, going goal for goal.

Cindy Parker worked well around the ring, as did her defender.

The halftime score was 20-26.

Both teams started the third quarter tight, Jervois defending well and turning over balls to catch up and leaving Tailem frustrated.

The score was even going into the final quarter.

Jervois had to call time twice for injury and illness but kept strong.

Tailem Bend were just too strong for Jervois, winning the game by five goals, with the final score 43-48.

Best players: Jervois - Samantha Norton, Cindy Parker; Tailem Bend - Kate Smith, Tahlia Lang


Both teams started out strongly with great defending and shooting from both teams.

Chloe Jones and Gracie Miles fed their shooters, Kacee Verhees and Abbey Martin well, who rewarded them with accurate shooting.

Demi Jenner and Tegan Afford put great defensive pressure on Tailem Bend’s shooters but they still shot accurately.

Tailem Bend kept in front despite good pressure from Jervois all the way down the court.

The last quarter saw both teams making positional changes which kept the game close but in the end Tailem was too strong winning the game 30-48.


Both teams started well, with Tailem taking the upper hand early despite some good defending from Jervois defenders Accalia Oliver and Brianna Williss.

Jervois made some changes at quarter time which helped their game and gave them confidence. Jervois shooters Olivia Hand and Claire Martin rewarded their team with some much needed goals.

Tailem Bend’s Frankie Traeger and Caitlyn McEvoy combined well in goals, shooting accurately despite some strong defence by Jervois’ Williss and Oliver.

Both teams again made changes in the last half of the game which kept the game pretty even. 

Tailem Bend defenders Gabby Schubert and Madison Connelly put pressure on Jervois’ Hand and Martin making it hard for Jervois mid court players to feed into them.

In the end, Tailem were too strong winning 28-47.​


The game started with a Tailem Bend centre pass, quickly resulting in the first goal and the second after the team forced a turnover.

Tailem continued to dominate, with Jervois finally scoring a goal late in the quarter.

The second quarter saw lots of changes for Jervois, whilst Tailem Bend kept the same line-up.

Jervois’ changes improved their movement through the mid court, allowing them to score earlier in this quarter.

Tailem goalies Ella Wilson and Sophie Edwards continued to shoot with accuracy despite tireless efforts from Jervois defenders Holly Elliott and Erin Poulish. At halftime the score was Jervois 2 to Tailem Bend 26.

The third quarter saw changes, this time from both teams, working in Jervois’ favour as they more than doubled their score within the first half of the quarter.

It was a better quarter from Jervois, however Tailem still outscored them and further cemented their lead.

Both teams came out fighting in the last quarter, but Jervois just could not keep up, allowing Tailem to capitalise on their already generous lead. The final score was 7-46.

Best players: Jervois - Emily Bell. Jorja Jones; Tailem Bend - Ella Wilson, Sophie Edwards


Both teams came out determined, with Tailem Bend making Jervois work hard for the first goal.

Sophie Hicks and Halle Jarvis shot well, under pressure from Tailem’s Matilda Watson and Grace Hayes.

The first quarter score was Jervois 3 to Tailem Bend 0.

The second quarter was a fantastic contest with Tailem Bend showing the Bluds how much they have improved throughout the season.

The half time score was Jervois 5 to Tailem Bend 0.

The third quarter saw some excellent work in the mid court by Tailem Bend’s wing attack Abbie Roach, showing potential and speed.

Lacey Martin at goal attack for Jervois nailed some long shots that would make the seniors envious, taking Jervois to a lead of 7 to 0.

Nellie Kowald as centre for Tailem worked hard in the fourth quarter against a tall Ellie Tabe but Jervois found their groove and the final score was 12- 0, Jervois way.