Meningie put away Mannum, and Jervois pinch a win from Tailem.

INTENT: Jervois' Thomas Dunne wraps up Tailem Bend's Nathan Hansen in their 16 point win on Saturday. Photo: William Bailey.

INTENT: Jervois' Thomas Dunne wraps up Tailem Bend's Nathan Hansen in their 16 point win on Saturday. Photo: William Bailey.

The first quarter was a tense affair with both sides trying to gain ascendancy.

The first 10 minutes of the quarter was dominated by the Bears as their precision ball movement cut their opponents apart. A goal from the boundary by Meningie’s Harry Slee set the tone early..

Credit to Mannum, their second half of the first quarter was the side that many expected to see, as some of their prime ball users started to dictate terms.

Their late dominance resulted in three goals, trimming the margin to 15 points at quarter time.

The second quarter produced a brilliant standard of football, seeing both sides trade blows. Both sides’ efforts were tremendous. 

A major difference between the two sides was the dominance shown by Meningie’s tall timber, as Peter Nelson, Rhys Smart, Jed Durdin and Thomas Phelps caused problems around the ground.

Mannum’s Gene Robinson showed his class, leading the way for the Roo’s.

At the half-time break the margin had creeped out to 24 points.

The game was perfectly poised as Meningie had handed down a challenge to Mannum.

Meningie produced its best brand of football for the game, slamming home five goals to none and squandering the confidence out of the strong Mannum side.

Mannum’s Gene Robinson, Everette Giles and Callum Cook worked incredibly hard to create some momentum, but the workload was left to too few.

Again it was Meningie’s tall timber causing trouble, as ruckman Peter Nelson and Jed Durdin started to hit the scoreboard heavily.

The lead at three-quarter time exploded out to a game high 52 points.

The Roo’s booted 5 goals in the final quarter to gain some respect from their travelling supporters.

It was again Gene Robinson who provided the most threat down forward for Mannum, finishing the game with 7 goals.

At the other end, Jed Durdin capitalised on pristine ball movement from his midfield, as he put through 6 goals of his own.

The main difference between the sides came from the balance of performance.

Mannum failed to get enough productivity from some of their prime movers, while Meningie would be happy with every players performance.

A late flurry of goals reduced the final margin to 47 points, but most importantly, Meningie managed to get back at Mannum for the loss they inflicted on the side earlier in the season.

Rhys Smart finished the game as man of the match, he covered the ground incredibly well and impacted countless contests.

The win moves the bears a game clear on the 2017 ladder.

Jervois vs Tailem Bend

Jervois Ryan Willits eventually put through their first goal for the game after repeat entries.

Keelan White had the Eagles first attempt shortly after and put through their first goal.

Jervois rapidly pushed the ball into their forward 50 and Justin Hardy marked 30 metres out from goal, but missed his shot.

Jervois got a repeat inside 50 and Rick Fischer was able to rove the pack and snap a goal from 10 metres out. Jervois’ piled on another as Matthew Kemp grabbed the ball inside 50 and goaled from 40 metres out on the run.

Jervois put through another behind before they were able to get the ball inside 50 again. Peter Zarantonello roved the pack and snapped a goal from 20 metres out. 

Scott Welsh for Tailem was able to get a goal back with a snap inside 50 and they were able to put another goal on the board shortly after.

The game was tightening, before Jervois put one more goal. The quarter time score was Jervois 5.2.32 to Tailem 3.2.20.

Tailem pushed inside 50 first, and Nick Westhoff had a shot at goal from 40 metres out, but missed.

Luke Williams was able to put a goal through for the Eagles soon after however. Jervois were able to get a quick reply within a minute to Tyler Robinson. Tailem were then able to get the next goal to Michael Sumner and it was goal for goal.

The Bluds put the next two goals on the board to Thomas Dunne and Justin Hardy. Tailem had the next shot at goal, but Steven Clay missed and they were able to generate another shot at goal and Mackenzie Hansen converted. 

Jervois got the next shot at goal as Peter Zarantonello marked and goaled from 30 metres out. Tailem had the next two opportunities to goal, but the ball was rushed through for a behind both times. 

They got the ball back inside 50 and Peter Zarantonello goaled this time from the pocket. Scott Welsh for Tailem then got the next goal from the 50 metre line, with not long to go until half time.

Jervois were able to put one more goal on the board before half time and Tailem managed another goal also. The score at half time Jervois 11.5.71 to Tailem 8.6.54.

Tailem burst inside 50 and Welsh marked and goaled from the square.

Jervois were then able to get a quick reply as Thomas Dunne received a free kick 45 metres out and goaled. It was goal for goal again as Tailem were able to reply with another goal to Scott Welsh.

The ball was rushed through for another behind to the Eagles and they were able to get the ball back and Michael Holland put a goal through. 

Scott Welsh had yet another shot at goal for Tailem, but his kick fell short and was rushed through for a behind.

There was no score for the next five minutes, until Welsh put through another behind. It was now a one point game.

There was no further score until Dylan Barry for Jervois took a mark 40 metres out straight in front and converted.

Tailem got a one back just before three quarter time, and another rushed behind levelled the scores at three quarter time to 89 points each.

Mackenzie Hansen for the Eagles got the first goal of the last quarter and this put the 6 points in front, their lead didn’t last long however as the Bluds were able to get a quick reply from a free kick inside 50.

The scores were now back level and Jervois were able to sneak back into the lead as they had several shots at goal.

After five minutes of no scores, Ryan Willits for the Bluds  marked outside 50. His shot on goal was marked on the line by Justin Hardy, who put it through. The Bluds held on to win by 16 points 17.9.111 to 14.11.95.