Roosters too strong

A grade

DESPERATE: Mypolonga Wing Defence Jessica Hein attempts to intercept a pass to Ramblers Wing Attack Emma Kluske. Photo: William Bailey.

DESPERATE: Mypolonga Wing Defence Jessica Hein attempts to intercept a pass to Ramblers Wing Attack Emma Kluske. Photo: William Bailey.

The game started with high intensity and defenders at both ends were taking valuable turnovers for their teams, Ramblers were able to convert their turnovers through accurate shooting from McFee and Siedel giving Ramblers a 15-7 lead at the first break.

Mypo started the second term stronger and O’Brien moved into GK which didn’t allow McFee as much flexibility in the goal circle.

Ramblers continued their fast-paced high intensity full court pressure game. By the break Mypo had cut the lead back to 6- (27-21).

Third quarter saw Lubke come onto the court for Ramblers and she only added to the pressure that was being created in Mypo’s goal third.

Dougall was reading the ball well and cutting off Mypo’s passes through the mid court.

The pressure Ramblers created caused Mypo to make lots of passing errors and Ramblers were able to convert. By three quarter time Ramblers extended their lead 40-31.

In the last quarter Mypo had to try something and changes were made to 5 positions- they started the quarter well with the defenders creating lots of turnovers but Mypo were struggling to convert.

Watson at GA for Mypo created some movement up forward but O’Neil and Kluske were taking timely intercepts in the circle.

Ramblers played a high intensity game and Mypo were not up the challenge.

Final score Ramblers - 52 Mypo - 42.

Best players: Mypo – Sheridan O’Brien. Ramblers – Sam Kluske.

A Reserves

Ramblers took the first centre pass of the match, converting easily to put the first score on the board. Mypolonga responded with a few quick goals, but were challenged by the Rambler’s sharp defence.

The tight tussle in the goal circle continued throughout the quarter at both ends, with the score 11-9, Mypo’s way at the first break.

The second quarter saw Ramblers make a few changes, while Mypolonga remained unchanged. Rambler’s came out firing, with excellent drive through the midcourt from Tayla Kropinyeri and Georgia O’Neil.

Through determination and commitment from the team, Rambler’s hit the front part way through the quarter thanks to accurate shooting from Ally Bormann.

However, Mypolonga’s defenders Kirsty Jackson and Karly Dabinett responded causing turnovers and opportunities for Mypolonga to fight back.

This resulted in a score of 27-23 Mypo’s way at half time. Mypolonga made changes at both ends coming into the third quarter, settling quickly.

Brooke Watson moved well in the goal circle, and combined with Lauren Nolan made it hard for Lucy Vanson and Tamara Marchetti in defence.

Exceptional drive through the mid court continued for Ramblers from Kropinyeri and O’Neil.

However, Mypolonga continued to extend their lead 43-31 going into the last quarter.

Ramblers came out firing in the fourth quarter turning over the first centre pass and converting through accurate shooting by Maddison Hawker.

A tight battle occurred through the mid-court between Mypo’s Gemma Schilling and Rambler’s Skyeisha Rigney.

Mypolonga continued to work hard and play a team game to run out the winners 57-44 in a tightly contested battle.

Best Players: Mypolonga: Lauren Nolan, Brooke Watson Ramblers: Maddison Hawker, Tayla Kropinyeri

B Grade

Ramblers won the toss and it took several minutes and 2 overturns before either team could score, with the first goal going to Mypo.

However, Rambler’s defences, Kelly Barton-Ancliffe and Jessica Katae played very disciplined netball and were able to capitalise on some Mypo inaccuracy in goals, and they drew ahead.

Victoria Hughes moved into Wing Attack for Mypo, and fed the ball into Georgia Payne very accurately, resulting in a very even quarter of fast netball.

However Ramblers again edged forward, and led by 4 at half time.

Megan Blackett and Emily Hurford in goals for Ramblers shot accurately all day, denying defences Sara Meneghetti and Kirrily Martin many rebounds despite their perseverance.

Ramblers moved further ahead in the third term, with their defences creating many turnovers through the mid-court, where the competition between Kiahn Nayda (Mypo) and Emily Carter was fierce but fair.

Score at the third quarter break was Ramblers 33 to Mypo 22.

Mypo rallied at the start of the last quarter, and created a couple of great turnovers, but Rambler players replied with their own turnovers, and the game was very even.

Maegen Hurford (Ramblers) and Zoe Harrison in the Centre court were both instrumental in strong play, but again Rambler goal defences rebounded to create scoring opportunities from very little.

Final score: Ramblers 50 Mypo 35. Best for Ramblers Megan Blackett and Jessica Katae Best for Mypo: Sara Meneghetti and Georgia Payne

B Reserves

Ramblers first goal to start the game, Mypo replied at their centre pass. Although the quarter looked even Ramblers took the first break with a three-goal lead.

Mypo clawed back in the second quarter shooting eight goals to Ramblers seven, each team played fair, honest and determined Ramblers still having the upper hand by two at half time.

Each team made slight changes in the third, defence was strong for both sides, attack lines drove the ball into their goalies well. Ramblers goals took the edge going into the last quarter four goals clear.

Ramblers made slight changes and took the lead by nine within the quarter, Ramblers shot goals with ease , their defence stood tall and mid court opened up then out of the cages came Mypo creating atmosphere in the dullest time slot of the day, defending every ball Ramblers stole, pressured the centre passes and came alive.

When injury created a change for Mypo putting the third of juniors on to take the game to a finish worthy of finals netball. Mypo won the raffle on this occasion against a team ready to shake it up for the finals, Ramblers certainly did not give up and will be more than ready to take it up to the two top teams in finals.

If these two teams meet again it will be one to watch.

Mypo 37 Ramblers 36.

Best players: Mypo – Victoria Hughes and Jordan Lewis. Best Ramblers - Tayla Groves and Fiona Garlett.

C Grade

First quarter saw both teams going goal for goal, with shooters from both teams shooting accurately.

End of the first quarter saw Mypolonga in the lead 13 to 9.

Second quarter saw Bre-Arne Monjean and Rani Smith working hard in the mid court driving the ball well in to the shooters Chantelle Monjean and Tayla Kemp.

Ramblers defenders Danielle Somerville and Christine Herbertson work hard in the ring trying to stop them but Mypolonga extended their lead 27 to 19.

Second half saw Ramblers come out strong taking the first few goals, it was not a good quarter for Mypolonga with two players helped off the court with injuries.

Ramblers were able to capitalise on this with accurate shooting from Jessie Morgan and Ashleigh Marcus. Both teams worked hard but Mypolonga could not stop the run of Ramblers in the last quarter.

All players worked tirelessly throughout the game.

Ramblers took the game with the final score Mypolonga 40 to Ramblers 51.

Under 15 Div. 1

The game started going goal for goal, both  Ramblers and Mypo’s attacking ends were working well.

Ramblers lifted during the quarter and had quick ball movement down the court.

The Centres were having a good battle and working hard for their teams. Ramblers lead into the first quarter 21-9.

Jatora Seidel was moving well at WA for Ramblers.

Both teams were shooting accurately however Ramblers were able to have more opportunity with the ball. Ramblers increased their lead 39- 20. 

Ramblers made lots of changes, their defenders were able to get their hands to the ball. 

Mypo lifted towards the end of the quarter. Ramblers 62 Mypo 25 at three quarter time. 

Mypo made some changes coming into the final quarter. Jayda Stimpson at GS for Mypo was moving well and shooting accurately. 

Ramblers goalies also continued their accurate shooting to finish the game off strong. 

Ramblers - 83 Mypo - 38 Best players-Ramblers- Jatora Seideland Lucy O’Neil. Mypo - Jayda Stimpson and Abbey Schofield.

VISION: Mypolonga's Peyton Allen looks to get the ball inside. Photo: William Bailey.

VISION: Mypolonga's Peyton Allen looks to get the ball inside. Photo: William Bailey.

Under 13 div. 2

Mypo started the game strong with three unanswered goals. The play was contested with Ramblers tall hands creating turnovers but Mypo’s C Makayla Stimpson got her hands to every ball giving the  shooters every opportunity to score which they did. 

The home side finished the first quarter in front by 5. 

Ramblers made some changes to their team bringing Zoe Portarianos into centre with fresh legs and drive into Mia Parker who was doing some great leads and shooting with ease when needed. 

But Mypo shooters Peyton and Katie were just too accurate, ending the first half up 19- 8. The tempo stepped up with ramblers fighting back by great play from GS Claire white which saw them get some quick goals. 

They gained on Mypo shooting 7 goals to their 4. 

Mypo made a few changes for the last quarter to try and keep the lead. Ramblers came out firing but Mypo never give up spirit lead them to the end with a strong win 33 – 17.

Best players Mypo: Bella Pike, Baylee Cooper. Ramblers: Mia Parker, Chelsea McKenzie-Campbell.

Under 11 div. 1

Ramblers took the first centre pass. 

Play went backwards and forwards up and down the court with excellent defence and intercepts from both teams until Mypo finally scored the first goal. 

Ramblers quickly replied with some fast play down the court. 

Accurate shooting from their goalies had Ramblers leading 11 – 3 at the quarter time break. 

Mypo made a lot of changes at the break and were taking a little while to settle into their new positions Claire White was running hard for Ramblers giving them lots of options feeding the ball into Georgia Trevorrow who was converting every opportunity into a score on the board. 

The Mypo girls were all working hard but some poor passing was making it easy for Ramblers and they drew further ahead and were leading 19 to 5 at half time.

Mypo made some more changes at half time and came out more settled. 

Ava Lindner came on into GD and made an impact straight away with her tight defence and end excellent rebounding over much taller opponents. Jasmine Bailey was reading the play well intercepting, and picking up loose balls. 

Jade Burgess went back into WA and was leading strongly at the centre passes. Ramblers led 24-12 at the break. 

Ramblers came out strongly in the last quarter and scored 3 goals before Mypo could reply. Mypo had some great passages of play but poor passing continued to let them down. 

Ramblers were convincing winners 37 – 14. 

Best Players: Mypolonga – Jasmine Bailey. Ramblers – Claire White.

Under 11 div. 2

First placed Ramblers took on second placed Mypo, with Mypo winning the toss and started with the first centre pass. 

Both defences started strongly with intercepts from Rambler GK Lilly Kenny and Mypo’s GD Ava Lindner. Ramblers put together some great passages of play and were able to score through GA Leah Anderson-Morris.

Quarter time saw Ramblers keep Mypo goalless 0-6.

Mypo made changes at the break which had an immediate impact on the game and there was better movement across the court. Even though Ramblers intensity lifted in their goal circle, Mypo were able to score 5 goals for the quarter.

The second half was a great contest. Mypo’s Rhea Kempe was taking a lot of intercepts in GD and was consistently trying hard along with her fellow defender Jessica. 

There were great match ups all throughout the court and both centres Layla Hearne for Ramblers and Demi Harrington for Mypo showed great fight for their teams. 

But Ramblers defence was pushed hard by Lindner and Shaylee Martin who fed well and was able to score 10 goals for the quarter. 

Three quarter time was Mypo take the lead 15-12. 

Ramblers came out with a different line up and were determined to win. In what was a tightly contested quarter Mypo were able to sustain their lead and take the win by 7 goals – 24-17. 

Best players: Mypo – Rhea Kempe, Ava Lindner and Angie Bates. Ramblers – Layla Hearne and Leah Anderson-Morris


Mypo won the toss and took the first centre pass. Great defence work by Molly Freeman and Lexi Buick made it difficult for Mypolonga to score. 

Ramblers eventually got the ball into their goal circle and Porsha Marchetti scored the first goal of the match despite great defence from Mypolonga’s Reagan Martin and Ariel Challenger. 

The second quarter saw some strong attacking from Ramblers with Rebekah Durham and Marni Woidt working the ball well but despite this, Alarah Sipos was able to get Mypolonga on the board with a goal. 

The score was 1 -1 at half time. 

A few changes saw Camryn Brehaut enter the game at WA offering some strong leads and accurate passing for Mypo. 

Demi Harrington worked tirelessly in the goal circle and Mypo were able to add another two goals to their score. 

Ramblers continued to work hard in the centre with Alearah Harradine and Lilly Honeychurch providing some good options and strong passes. 

The fourth quarter was an end to end tussle with both teams working really hard to get the ball to their respective goalies. Mypolonga were able to score late in the quarter through Harrington to win the game 7-5. 

Best player: Ramblers – Lexie Buick. Mypolonga – Reagan Martin.