Bluds best Roosters

PRESSURE: Ramblers Jack Woods desperately dives on a loose ball, while surrounded by Bluds. Photo: William Bailey.
PRESSURE: Ramblers Jack Woods desperately dives on a loose ball, while surrounded by Bluds. Photo: William Bailey.

Ramblers vs Jervois

Ramblers and Jervois met for the second time this year with Jervois going in wanting to atone for their previous loss. 

We welcomed the umpires from the Hills league and what a fantastic job they did, letting the game flow.

The match started with the Bluds kicking toward the netball end with the breeze slightly in their favour. The opening quarter was played with great endeavour; you could not fault the efforts of either team. 

It was Jervois who drew first ‘blud’ with a goal to Tony Gibson to open the goal scoring for the day. Ramblers hit back with their own goal off the left boot of Patrick O’Neil. 

It was hard and tough with Weyland getting first hands on the ball for Ramblers and Kheenan Miller getting into everything, while Luke Kluske worked hard for Jervois with Gabell doing his best to nullify opposition down back. 

Jervois were slightly on top with goals to Zarantonello, Hardy and Willits helping them to a 4-point lead at quarter time.

The second quarter got under way with both teams cracking in hard. It became an arm-wrestle before little Minya Wilson broke the deadlock with a stunning snap from the pocket about 40m out. 

From here it was all Ramblers with two nice goals to Thompson and another to Luke Button who was stamping his authority on the match. 

Jervois switched back on and stated winning the ball back and sending it forward. 

They wasted valuable opportunities, kicking 6 straight behinds. 

They finally broke through with a goal to Hardy, then added another shortly after. Ramblers hit back late in the quarter to go in with an 8-point lead.

Jervois came out after half time needing to lift a cog and that they did. Hardy marked everything that came his way, making his presence felt as he slotted a couple for the quarter. 

But it was Dylan Barry who stole the show with a ripping goal, running full-tilt toward the scoreboard from 50m out and kicking truly with his deadly left boot. 

Ramblers needed to respond and they did so with goals through Lewis, Weyland and the tough-nut Elliot, wrestling back the lead into three-quarter time.

The fourth quarter seemed a repeat of the second. Ramblers banged home the first through Nelson Miller, then two goals to Thompson, and Button chiming in for another, and it seemed that the Red’s had it won. 

The next centre bounce was critical and sloppy hands from the Rooster onballers resulted in Owie Love swooping on their errors and banging it forward for a goal. 

They again switched on and it was Hardy again standing up, he ended up with 6 goals for the day. 

Ramblers had plenty of opportunities and when the ball fell to Luke Button to mark in the dying seconds 30m out on a slight angle it all came down to that. 

He missed, the siren sounded shortly after and the Bluds came home with a hard-fought victory by two points and break away from Ramblers on the ladder.

For Jervois, it was Gabell down back leading the way, Hardy with six goals and Luke Kluske in the middle that led the way with best players. For the Roosters, Luke Button played his best game since returning, with Kheenan Miller and Weyland working tirelessly for the Reds.

Mannum vs Mypolonga

The game was played in fine conditions, but a strong breeze blowing across the ground, favouring the netball courts end, made conditions difficult.

Both sides had a number of young, inexperienced players, with Mannum missing a number of key players, in particular ruckman Jake Bowen, and coach Mick O’Malley.

Bowen was replaced by first-gamer Blake Webster who showed plenty of promise in ruck.

Mypo had first use of the breeze, but found it difficult to score with Mannum getting all players behind centre, and the wind regularly taking the ball out of bounds on the eastern side.

Mannum broke out of defence and had chances to score, but again the wind was a factor, before acting captain Korey Loechel drilled one low for the first major.

Robinson then beat two opponents for the Roos’ second, but the last ten minutes of the quarter belonged to Mypo.

Ben Gogel and Jack Kluske were giving them drive from the midfield, and Moss got their first. It was Moss again with a goal from a free, and then a mark and goal on the siren gave the visitors an 8 point lead at the first break.

Both sides suffered injuries in the second term - Mannum’s Justin Mills hobbled off early in the quarter,then 10 minutes in, Mypo suffered a big blow when playmaker Kluske limped off.

Mills was gone for the day, while Kluske did come back late in the game, but too late to make an impact.

Mannum regained the lead with goals to Jye De Zylva and Justin Maloney, before Brad Martin got on the end of a good passage of run and handball to goal and give the Tigers a 2 point lead.

Loechel was doing everything to lift his side, taking strong marks and taking a turn in ruck, and he put the Roos back in front with another strong mark, followed by a 50 metre penalty.

With scoring difficult, neither side could add another major, and Mannum took a 4 point lead into half-time.

Mypo started the third term full of running - Gogel sent them forward from the opening bounce for Moss to kick his fourth. 

His fifth came shortly after when his opponent Isaac Boylan took a chance and led to the ball, only to be beaten by the bounce for an easy goal.

Mypo led by 8 points, and had chances to go further ahead, but missed three before Simon Norris goaled to take the lead to out to 17.

Norris made it an even 3 goals with another miss, before Maloney’s pass found Callum Cooke for Mannum’s only goal for the term.

Moss was having a great quarter, and broke free to handball to Clint Diment for a major, then a clever kick gave Diment an easy run in goal - margin 24.

At the last change, Mypo led by 23 points, and Moss started the final quarter with a goal from a half volley at a ball-up 30 metres out.

Mannum showed no sign of what was to come, until the 11 minute mark, when Robinson got a favourable bounce and ran in for an easy goal.

Soon after he held position strongly to mark and goal, and Mannum had a sniff with the margin down to 16 points.

The game was delayed for several minutes as a Mypo player had to be stretchered off, but when play resumed, Robinson took the game by the scruff of the neck.

He took two strong marks that were both followed by goals, the first from 50 metres in front, the next after he played on from the pocket boundary.

With the margin now only 4 points, Mypo went forward, but managed only a behind.

Good work from Isaac Hampel and Everette Giles got the ball to Tom Worthley, who topped off a fine game in defence with long goal on the run to put Mannum in front by a single point.

Loechel was inspirational in these final minutes with the game there to be won, and Mannum dug deep to get the ball forward for another to Robinson.

Fittingly, it was Loechel who sent them in from the ensuing centre bounce for Robinson to kick his 6th for the quarter and give Mannum an incredible 13 point victory.

Mannum 13.6 defeated Mypolonga 10.11.