Red Rooster Murray Bridge has excellent options for both lunch and dinner

OPTIONS: Melissa Miller and David Caman with some of Red Rooster's Mega Box Meal Deals, which are always a favourite for any lunch.
OPTIONS: Melissa Miller and David Caman with some of Red Rooster's Mega Box Meal Deals, which are always a favourite for any lunch.

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There are very few things more loved by Aussies at lunchtime than the classic roast chicken roll, especially if you throw in a side of steaming-hot chips and gravy.

While it’s possible to make one yourself using leftover ingredients, wrapping it in plastic and leaving it in the lunchbox until lunchtime, those meals just don’t compare to a warm and fresh roll from Red Rooster at Murray Bridge.

Not only is it incredibly quick and easy to stop in on your lunch break, the massive range of options means there will always be the perfect flavour combination for everyone.

If wraps are more your thing there are also some winners in this category, with the classic Flayva wrap (featuring original crispy strips, lettuce, cheese, tomato and classic herb mayo served in a fresh tortilla) always popular.

Not to be missed, Red Rooster’s range of burgers are also quick to go.

We have a number of really great options for tradies and workers at lunchtime.... from rolls to wraps and burgers.

Owner David Carman

While you’re at it, you might want to add in a little extra value and grab one of the Mega Box Meal Deals. These perfect lunchtime meals include chips and gravy and a drink plus a little something extra. There are even smaller sizes for the kids.

Love your barbecue sauce? Why not try the Texas BBQ Roll with pulled roast chicken and bacon. Into something a bit hotter? The Chilli Slaw Roll with red onion and chilli aioli could be right up your alley.

No matter your tastes, it’s clear that Red Rooster has the classic Aussie lunch perfected.

But what about dinner?

However, there is more to your day than just lunch.

If you’re looking for a no fuss way to feed the family during these cold winter weeks, perhaps if you’re in a rush after footy and netball training, the Red Rooster has you covered there as well.

The Big Value Feast is of course the go-to option, but the Amaze Glaze Family Meal or the Family Roast Pack are also favourites. 

All menu items can be ordered in store or online and can be delivered to your door.

Plus each combination is put together with love and care by the friendly staff at the Adelaide Road franchise. 

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