Misses prove costly

Mypolonga vs Jervois

The Bluds worked the ball forward quickly and had a goal on the board in less than a minute. 

Mypo had their fair share of the ball but struggled to get the ball forward. Willits and Hardy combined well for Jervois up forward. 

Altmann and Jones for Mypo were tough at the ball, but Jervois had all the answers when the Tiger’s moved forward. 

Jervois put four handy goals away in the first term while limiting Mypolonga to just three behinds.

In the second quarter Mypolonga foundscoring much easier with the aid of a strong wind. Butler and Gogel saw plenty of the footy, and the Tigers were strong around stoppages.

Kluske and Robins chalked up plenty of possessions for Jervois, while Altmann continued to be hard and tough at the contests for Mypo.  

Mypolonga reduced Jervois’ margin to 13 points at half time.

The second half belonged to the Tigers. They were quicker and had lifted their skill execution.  

The Bluds had trouble matching Mypolonga’s pace and toughness around the contests, having difficulty getting the ball forward. 

Mypo piled on six handy goals against the stiff breeze, while Jervois only added three majors to their tally. 

At the last break Mypolonga had their noses in front by five points.

The Tigers dominated the final term. Altmann and Butler continued to chalk up plenty of possessions. 

The Tigers were too fast and had too many options up forward. Mypolonga added four more goals in the last quarter, while Jervois were held to just three behinds. Mypolonga were strong 28 point winners.

Altmann for Mypolonga stood out for his side with 34 possessions.

PRESSURE: Ramblers pushed through for a win over an inaccurate Tailem Bend on Saturday. Photo: William Bailey.

PRESSURE: Ramblers pushed through for a win over an inaccurate Tailem Bend on Saturday. Photo: William Bailey.

Ramblers vs Tailem Bend

Tailem came to LeMessurier Oval to take on a Rooster outfit that had suffered two agonising losses on the trot and the Eagles were keen to make it a third.

The two teams had one win apiece in their two outings this season. With fifth spot on the line, both sides were hungry for the win.

Hugely talented under 15 Keenan Harradine debuted for the Roosters.

Both sides lined up for a minutes silence to mark respect for White Ribbon Day and the fight against domestic violence, with the players wearing white arm bands.

Both teams applied early pressure, resulting in lots of stoppages and rebounding play.

It took some time, but Thompson slotted a major from 40 metres out in front of the hill, opening scoring for the Reds. Ramblers’ Weyland was getting first hands and O’Neil constantly drove the ball forward.

The Eagles struggled to repel the attacks on their back half.

Tailem steadied. Nick Westhoff started taking telling grabs, while Bartlett found plenty of ball. They hit back with a nice goal to Steven Clay.

Not long after they were at it again, winning the ball out of the middle and thrusting it forward for McKenzie Hansen to bob up and kick another.

Again, Weyland and O’Neil cranked up. 

The two were in everything and when the ball went deep into the Ramblers attack, Button showed his class with a cheeky checkside to split the sticks and extend the margin again. 

Young Minya Wilson opened up his trick bag to boot his first of the game and get the Roosters out to a 14-point lead early in the second term.

Thompson quickly snapped his second, sneaking a tumbling ball through for the Reds.

Wasted opportunities by Tailem were costing them dearly and, when Ramblers ran the ball out of their back half, Kheenan Miller showed some magic to find Alex Pfieffer as he ran on and extended their lead.

Ramblers went into halftime with a handy 23-point lead.

Bartlett was trying his best to lift the team but when the ball went long into the Ramblers forward line, Wilson showed his magic to soccer through the first for the Reds.

Tensions boiled over and an undisciplined free kick gave Tailem the chance to get one back, but again wasted another easy chance.

The Reds went coast-to-coast down the grandstand wing and it Minya capitalised again to extend the lead.

Wilson was getting into everything, finding the ball in the middle of the ground this time to set up Nelson Miller, who snuck home another and the Reds had total control.

Wilson showed the adults how to play, with a big strong mark but missing a tricky set shot.

A free kick to the Reds had the Tailem faithful calling for the Hills umpires to come back.

With three-quarter time looming, Welsh finally got one back for Tailem and they went into the last break 34 points down.

The start to the last quarter was all Tailem. They were winning the ball with ease and quickly Scott Welsh had two goals and they started to get a sniff.

The Westhoff’s were getting the ball to the Eagles runners and when a clever snap by former Red Alfie Gollan found its way through the big sticks, the blue and gold were getting excited.

Costly misses and the Reds ability to take control of the game steadied things up once again.

The 15-year-old debutant Keenan Harradine took a strong grab 45 metres out. He went back and iced the game. 

When the siren eventually blew, the Red’s went out deserved winners by 19 points and get a game clear of Tailem in fifth spot.

O’Neil dominated was Ramblers BOG, with Weyland not far behind him and Dougall third best.

Bartlett was Tailem’s best yet again, and the Westhoff’s the Eagles’ next best.