Labor blocks parliamentary inquiry into SA speed cameras

The state government has blocked the proposal for a parliamentary committee to monitor the use of speed cameras across South Australia.

Labor had the opportunity to give clarity to the people, but instead they chose to keep things secret.

Stephen Knoll

Back in April, the RAA claimed motorists were being fined unfairly on the South Eastern Freeway considering two cameras located between Crafers and Leawood Gardens recorded more speeding fines than any other location in state.

On Wednesday, August 2, the State Liberals attempted to initiate a parliamentary inquiry to look at the link between road safety cameras and road safety outcomes after $43 million was raised from speed cameras during the 2015/16 financial year.

Shadow Minister for Road Safety Stephan Knoll said there was a lot of cynicism throughout the community that speed cameras are about revenue raising and not about road safety.

“Labor had the opportunity to give clarity and certainty to the people of South Australia as to how speed cameras are used, but instead they again chose to keep things secret,” he said.

“It’s now incumbent on every Labor MP to explain to their constituents why they voted against an inquiry into the operation of speed cameras.”

In an interview with ABC radio, Minister for Road Safety Peter Malinauskas said all the information that the public could reasonably expect was already on the public record.

“There is already a procedure in place and a criteria that determines where speed cameras go... and we’ve also seen that speed cameras are delivering the results that we hoped with a decline in speed camera revenue per camera,” he said.

“There is an undeniable link between excessive vehicle speeds and fatalities and serious injuries. Speed contributes to around 30 per cent of deaths on our roads. Speed cameras are proven to be an effective method of reducing this road trauma.”

“Last year our State road toll hit a record low, and while every death is one too many, this is no small achievement.”