Early lead sets up win

In action: Mypolonga's Ben Gogel takes possession of the ball during his side's league win at Johnstone Park on Saturday.
In action: Mypolonga's Ben Gogel takes possession of the ball during his side's league win at Johnstone Park on Saturday.

As the game started at Johnstone Park the conditions were cold and blustery but the sun was doing its best to peak out from behind the clouds.

Heavy rain was forecast for late in the game, which made it imperative for both sides to make the most of their chances early on.

It was the Blues however that got off to a flying start when Mitch Lienert put through the first major of the day when from 45 metres out he kicked truly.

It was only a matter of seconds from the throw up that saw the Tigers respond when James Moss kicked the first of his ten goals for the afternoon.

When Seamus McDonnell of the Tigers found Moss with a pass, Moss had kicked his second goal within two minutes.

Play was quick up and down the ground from both sides but turnovers from the Blues were proving costly.

Jamie Honner kicked a behind for the Blues.

Intense pressure from the Blues on the Tigers kick in saw the ball stay in the attacking area for the Blues.

The Blues couldn't sustain the pressure for an extended period and James Moss who was alone in the goal square had kicked his third goal when Ben Gogel made the easiest of passes to Moss.

The effort was far too easy for the Tigers.

Seamus McDonnell received a free kick and duly found Lachlan Butler who, from 25 metres out on a slight angle, made no mistake.

His major gave the Tigers an early 17 point lead.

Moss kicked his fourth goal of the opening term after receiving a lightning handball.

Sam Elliott was able to put through another goal for the Tigers to open up a sizable lead heading into quarter time.

Jack Laube for the Blues kicked a point that had most pundits believing it was actually a goal.

Contest: James Moss, Mypolonga, gets to the ball first ahead of Imperial opponents while team-mate Clint Diment runs in support.

Contest: James Moss, Mypolonga, gets to the ball first ahead of Imperial opponents while team-mate Clint Diment runs in support.

Jordan Hollitt had a chance for goal that he failed to capitalise on.

At the first break the Tigers comfortably led 6.0 to the Blues 1.4. 

Jamie Honner burst out to find Sam DeMichelle with a pass. 

DeMichelle had the chance to kick a much needed goal for the Blues and what appeared to be a great kick saw the prevailing wind grab hold of the ball and drag it across goal face.

The Tigers then made the miss by the Blues costly when James Moss received a free kick directly in front 10 metres out, and he made no mistake off the boot.

By now the wind had intensified and despite what the scoreboard suggested, the Blues were much more than competitive.

It was their turnovers that were proving costly.

The Tigers however were making their chances count on the scoreboard.

Brayden Dalitz was able to find Jacob Rance 30 metres out on a 45 degree angle, but yet again the Blues were unable to convert, with the breeze getting hold of the ball.

Quick ball movement by the Tigers from a Blues turnover saw Seamus McDonnell stretch the Tigers lead further when he added to the goal tally.

When James Moss kicked his fifth for the afternoon, the Tigers had shot out to a 46-point lead.

Mitch Lienert kicked a much needed goal for the Blues when he received a 50m free.

The Blues made it two-in-a-row when Bradley Oats kicked his first goal of the day from a fine piece of play by the Blues.

Turnovers from the Blues continued to prove costly and Connor Smelt of the Tigers kicked a goal that undid all of the hard work that Blues had done to peg the Tigers lead back.

At half time the Tigers had stretched their lead - 10.2 to the Blues 3.4. 

The Blues need a much-improved second half to work their way back into contention, while the Tigers were more than keen to keep their momentum going from the first half.

It was Luke Bessani that kicked the opening goal of the second half as the Tigers took the ball uncontested from one end to the other with out a Blues player getting anywhere near the ball.

Imperial big man Matt Williams showed great skills and composure, finding Daniel Girdham who then enabled Sam DeMichelle to take a strong mark.

Even with the ball swirling in the breeze, DeMichelle was able to kick a vital goal for the Blues.

Daniel Girdham then kicked a goal for the Blues after Sam DeMichelle crashed the pack, bringing the ball to ground.

The Blues started the second half with more direct ball movement and improved skills.

The Tigers though still appeared to be more composed and skillful when it mattered.

Sam DeMichelle spotted Shane Paech with a pinpoint pass and Paech finished the good work off with a goal.

Since quarter time the Blues had matched the Tigers on the scoreboard.

The Tigers quickly hit back through another goal to James Moss.

Mypolonga were making their chances count.

Jack Laube had a shot on goal for the Blues from 45 metres out, but didn't make the distance.

It didn't matter – Mitch Liernert found himself with the ball and quickly kicked a needed goal for the Blues.

The Blues had two goals in a row and some needed momentum when Dylan Hollitt slotted a long range shot on goal.

That soon became three goals in quick succession when Ashley Tunbridge took advantage of sloppy work from a Tigers kick in.

Sam DeMichelle then kicked two more goals in rapid succession and the Blues had kicked five goals in-a-row, reducing the Tigers lead to five points.

Seamus McDonnell then broke the Blues streak of successive goals right on three-quarter time.

At the final change the Tigers led 13.6/6 to the Blues 11.7.

The game was up for grabs and the victory could go either way .

It was Mypolonga’s Sam Elliot that took the margin out to 17 points when he kicked his first goal of the day.

James Moss put through the next three goals of the game to put the result beyond doubt for the Tigers.

The third of the goals coming from a contentious free kick for what appeared to be abuse yelled from the sidelines.

Sam Elliot read the play well and from inside the goal square kicked another goal for the Tigers.

The Blues then kicked the next two goals firstly through Sam DeMichelle who kicked his fourth of the afternoon and then Daniel Girdham benefited from some nice ball movement. 

Seamus McDonnell then finished off his solid afternoon kicking the final three goals of the game.

The final goal of the afternoon came when the ball went over the top of Jacob Rance and McDonnell was composed and skillful enough to finish off with a major.

At the end of the afternoon the Tigers prevailed 20/6 to the Blues 13.9.

The Tigers were too good for the greater part of the game and deserved the points.

For the Blues despite patches that proved costly on the scoreboard they played some good competitive football but not for extended periods of time.

It was an entertaining game to watch played in a tough competitive spirit that both teams can be proud of.