Imps take tight win

INTENSE: Imperials' Akuol Chol beats Mypolonga's Chloe Pahl to the ball. Photo: William Bailey.

INTENSE: Imperials' Akuol Chol beats Mypolonga's Chloe Pahl to the ball. Photo: William Bailey.


In cool windy conditions, Imperials hosted Mypolonga in round 16 of their River Murray Netball A Grade match.

Imperials scored the first three goals, showing confidence in attack leading with Jenna Daniels and Casey Gregory in goals.

They shot exceptionally considering strong defence from Mypo’s Ashley Biddell and Sheridan O’Brien being applied.

Imperials goalers were fed with great passes from Holly Cowland at WA and Olivia Scholz at C. A fiery fast paced quarter by Imps had them hold the lead at quarter time Imps 18 to Mypo 10.

The second quarter was fiercely contested. Mypo Centre Stacey Kempe had a fantastic quarter creating plenty of drive and space for her team.

Imperials missed scoring opportunities and some silly errors, allowing Mypo to claw back the lead. 

As the game progressed, Mypolonga’s defensive pressure increased, forcing errors and creating much needed turnovers. Goalers Madeleine Salter and Zoe Kiley-Gepp rewarded their team with accurate shooting and as a result Mypo reduced Imps’ lead to three goals at the three quarter time break. 

In an exciting final term, see both sides made errors and Imps small lead closed in once again. The defence ends were standing solid trying to create much needed opportunities for their teams. 

Goalers were working hard at both ends and making every opportunity count, but at the final whistle Imps managed to hold onto a one goal lead to win the game 51-50.

Best players: Imps - Casey Gregory, Olivia Scholz. Mypo - Stacey Kempe, Zoe Kiley-Gepp.


In windy conditions, Imperials and Mypo came out competitive. Both teams’ pressure created mistakes at both ends of the court with Imps finishing the quarter in front 10-8.

Mypo came out firing in the second quarter scoring the first five goals. Imperials lifted through Brooke Byrnes at wing defence whose intercepts and pressure down the court provided her team with opportunities in attack. It was all square at half time.

Mypo’s defensive pressure was strong creating turnovers with Mypo goalers Lauren Nolan and Brooke Watson capitalising and gaining a strong lead heading into the fourth quarter 34- 26.

Imperials made changes in the fourth and fought back hard with some strong passages of play through to the goalers. But Mypo continued their pressure running out winners 42-33 

Best Players: Imps - Brooke Byrnes, Genna Harkness. Mypo - Zoe Dabinet, Lauren Nolan.


The game began under cool, cloudy and windy conditions with the occasional spray of sunshine. Mypolonga’s Holly Wachtel converted the first pass with Olivia McLoughlin answering for Imperials. 

Georgia Payne converted twice and Mypolonga, aided by missed scoring opportunities by Imperial shooters, skipped out to a 4 goal lead. 

Emma Rance and Chrystal Crivellaro for Imperials and Kirrily Martin and Sarah Meneghetti for Mypolonga took advantage of these misses grabbing several defensive rebounds.

Play restarted with Rance and Crivellaro continuing with their rebounds allowing Imperials to take a one goal lead at half time. Both teams had trouble converting their opportunities.

Following an injury to Rochelle Mathews, replacement Lacey Williams  quickly converted her scoring opportunities. Zoe Harrison and Kiahn Nayda combined well in feeding into the circle only to see it rebounded. 

Similarly, Imperials Kim Perriman and Amber Monjean presented strongly into the circle which was rewarded as their goalers found their range. 

This was to be Imperials best quarter allowing them to increase the lead to six goals.

Mypolonga fired up for the last term. Aided by some errant passes by Imperials, they quickly levelled the score. 

Despite some strong defence by Christie Snell, Wachtel and Payne lifted, rarely missing a shot at goal. This was to be their best quarter for the game, outscoring Imperials 13 goals to 5 thus Mypolonga winning a low scoring game 34 goals to 32.

Best: Mypo - Kirrily Martin, Kiahn Nayda. Imps - Emma Rance, Chrystal Crivellaro.


In the top of the table clash, Mypolonga turned over the first centre pass and quickly scored the first goal of the match. Imperials responded quickly, scoring the next four goals, but Imperials took a one goal lead into the first break. 

The second quarter saw both teams go goal for goal until Mypolonga we’re able capitalise on turnovers to even up the score. 

Imperial’s Nikita Hein and Mypo’s Victoria Hughes  both worked tirelessly through the mid-court to provide options for their sides. 

After a tight quarter imperials finished with a few quick goals to stretch the margin again, leading 15-12.

The third quarter saw Imps bring Katrina Jones into WA, providing a strong mid-court option and fed well into her goalies, with Lacey Williams in goal shooter taking advantage of the precise feeds coming her way. 

Neither team gave an inch, but Imperials proved to be more accurate finding themselves with a six-goal lead at the last break, 26-19.

Neither team made changes going into the last quarter. Bailee Holmes provided strength from the defensive end for Mypo, with her team being able to reduce the deficit. 

As expected both teams fought until the last second, but imperials proved to strong on the day and were able to take the win. Final scores: Imperials 32 - Mypolonga 28. 

Best Players: Imps – Nikita Hein, Katrina Jones. Mypo - Bailee Holmes, Victoria Hughes. 


Mypo, who are fifth on the ladder desperately wanted a win over their rivals and top-team Imperials. Imperials had a new line up with injuries to two of their three goalies, bringing Olivia Reu into centre and Molly Adler into GA.

Mypo were first on the score board with a goal from the opening centre pass. Imperials replied immediately with Adler’s first goal. 

Mypo applied pressure and Imperials made many unforced errors.

Adler scored a goal on the whistle which was controversially deemed No goal allowing Mypo to be up 7 - 11 at the first break.

Imperials were off to a fantastic start in the second with patient play by Olivia Reu C Laura Werner WA and Abbey Fiegert GS and Molly Adler GA to fight for their goals.

Fiegert snagged a brilliant intercept in the goal circle and converted to goal. 

Despite Akala Frahn GK for Mypo playing very tight in defence imperials were able to create space and run into an open goal and have most of the play in this quarter until the last few minutes when Mypo were able to grab a few quick goals through Hannah Brown GA and Rainey Lewis GS to be up 1 at half time 18 to 19.

Chelsea Eldridge now in GK for Imperials gained 2 quick intercepts in front of Rainey Lewis GS to put Imperials in front. 

Sophie Roberts in GD for imperials was having a brilliant quarter mopping up the rebounds and snagging some intercepts to allow Jayme-Lee McKay WA to push the ball into imps attack. Abbey Fiegert GS for Imps came off in an injury time to allowing Cara Hameister a run at GS. 

Mypo came out firing and Georgia Duell C was working hard for Mypo to will her team to victory. Adler nabbed two quick intercepts which were converted to goal.

Imperials settled and played some good passages of play. 

Rainey Lewis GS for Mypo was dominating in goals until an injury time to Chelsea Eldridge brought Jacinta Thompson back into GK. 

Imperials kept their cool under pressure to come away with a win by 1 goal.

Best Players: Imps - Molly Adler, Jacinta Thompson. Mypo - Akala Frahn, Rainey Lewis.


A damp court and a strong breeze brought tough conditions for the Under 15 Division 1 match at Imperials. 

This immediately impacted the game from the first whistle, with Chelsea Thurston from Mypolonga scoring the first goal of the game after four minutes of play. 

Scoring continued to be difficult throughout the first quarter with the score only 6-10 in Mypo’s favour at the first break.

The second quarter saw both teams come out with more confidence. The match up between Imperials Goal Shooter, Carissa Penhall, and Mypolonga Goal Keeper, Lily Miegel seemed a tough tussle and crucial to the efficiency of Imperials. 

In the mid-court, Kara Reed, Mypolonga Centre, continued to fight hard for each loose ball despite the slippery conditions. 

Despite their efforts, the margin stayed the same at half time, with Mypo leading by four, 17- 21.

The third quarter saw the court starting to dry out. This allowed the game to gain flow and speed up slightly. Accuracy from each Goal shooter became imperative for each side. 

Thurston, for Mypo, and Penhall, for Imperials, maintained their sharp shooting skills to keep the game in a tight head lock. Towards the the end of the quarter, Imperials gained more opportunities to score, narrowing the margin to just one, 24- 25, at the final break.

Both teams came out fighting in a final bid to take the two premiership points. Costly mistakes were made by both teams throughout the quarter which kept the margin to within four. 

The final minute saw Mypo up by one. An Imperial’s centre pass was scored to level the scores. 

One final effort by Imperials Goal Keeper, Shayla Dolman, caused a turnover to imperials favour; however, the timer went off to leave the game at a draw.

Best Players: Mypo - Kara Reed. Imperials - Akuot Chol.


Mypo started with the first pass of the day and GS Jayda Stimpson was finding the post well.

Imps took a little to settle but defensive combo of Rebekah Naismith GK and Maddison Bell GD started to slow Mypos scoring rate. The Blues were finding great passage through the midcourt to take the lead at the first break 10 -7.

A great battle started in the 2nd between Mypos Molly Bretag at GD and Holly Temby playing her 100th game for Imperials at GA. This quarter was all Imps. Tayla Dunning combining well with Temby and Jordyn Ackland at C saw the goals come freely. 

With Imps winning the quarter by five to increase their lead at the long break 23 – 15.

With no changes at the start of the 3rd quarter Mypo started to settle and claw their way back.

Teagan McLoughlin at C for Mypo shut down the Imps drive through the midcourt and Abbey Schofield found more space into the goal circle, stealing a goal in the last seconds of the quarter to close the gap to only 4 at the last break 33 – 29.

Mypo with faith in their team remained unchanged while Imps just had the one with Paige Bonson taking the court at WA. The last quarter was a great battle between the 2 teams. 

Mypo was fighting hard and took the lead mid way through. Keelin Solley at WD took some timely intercepts for the Blues to bring her team back into the lead and with great determination they took the win by 2. 42 -40

Best Players: Imperials - Rebekah Naismith, Holly Temby. Mypo - Jayda Stimpson, Teagan McLoughlin


The game started fast-paced with quick transitions though the court from both teams.

Mypolonga wing attack Jacinta Fritchley, and Imperials wing defence Caitlin Hissey had a good tussle in the midcourt. At the end of the first, Imperials led 11-7. 

The second quarter was closely contested with Mypolonga scoring from their turnover opportunities. Mypolonga goalers Mackenzie Lindner and Sienna Daniell shot accurately. 

Imperials finished the first half with a lead of 22-15. 

The third term was played in windy conditions and the ball moved up and down the court without a team capitalising. Imperials came together nearing the end of the quarter and furthered their lead 34- 19. 

Imperials pushed out the last quarter with great defensive pressure down the court that Mypolonga were unable to penetrate. 

Defenders Leticia McNicol and Ella O’Brien fro Imperials picked up many balls and Imperials gaolers Phoenix Rogers and Paige Bonson were able to convert. Imperials took the game 43-22.

Best players: Imperials - Phoenix Rogers, Paige Bonson. Mypolonga - Rebekah Wagenknecht, Mackenzie Lindner.


Both Imperials and Mypolonga strong defences to start the first quarter, until firm possession of the ball was taken and the game opened with Mypo scoring the first goal. 

Mypo stretched their lead through the second quarter, adding 14 goals to their total. 

Imps started finding their feet, scoring five more goals. Mypo kept turning over the ball goal end making Imps work for and really earn the goals they scored.

Imps made a number of changes to players positions but seemed to make little difference to the scores. 

Mypo were showed no sign of letting their defence drop and there ball and shooting skills didn’t fail them. It looked like Imps motivation dropped through the center third.

At the start of the final quarter Imps looked as if they were refreshed and gave it all they had, intercepting and turning over the ball as much as they could. 

Mypo attacked the court head on with strong passes and amazing team work and it resulted in the final scores becoming even further apart resulting in Mypo defeating Imps and the scores were: IMPS 14 – MYPO 46


 Imps seemed to be switched on right from the first whistle with free flowing play all the way down the court.

The second quarter saw a few changes from both teams but again Imps settled a little quicker than Mypo. Accurate shooting from Olivia Eldridge and Caitlin Michalik saw Imps pull away by 20 at half time.

Mypo’s Megan Clothier worked tirelessly, continually pushing down the court with strong passing into her goalies Kady Reu and Teegan Ackland.

A skilful last quarter by both teams saw some great passages of play and timing down the court. Mypo played a much tighter defence going down by 3 in the quarter. Final score 49 – 19.

Best Players: Imps – Olivia Eldridge, Abby Harrowfield, Georgia DeMichele. Mypo: Megan Clothier, Ava Lindner, Jade Burgess.


Mypolonga started strong scoring the first goal. Both teams worked hard at both ends. Elise Franke from Imperials scored their first goal towards the end of the first quarter.

Imperials scored first at the start of the second quarter. Both teams defending well and trying hard. Cold wet conditions made it very difficult for both teams.

Ella Raymond (GK) for Imperials taking great intercepts. GA and GS working well for Mypolonga. Mypolonga playing a strong quarter Imperials 3 Mypolonga 12.

Direct passing from Mypo made them come away with the win – Imperials 7 Mypolonga 29.


Mypolonga shot the first goal, closely followed by Imperials. Mypolongas goalies showed good accuracy and the score at quarter time was 4-1 with Mypo leading. 

Both teams defended well but Mypolonga increased the lead to 8-1 at half time. 

Mypolonga intercepted the ball well and led convincingly 12-1 at the end of the third quarter. Mypolonga was the stronger team, but both played hard and displayed good team spirit. 

Final score was 19-1.