Golf, bowls and darts results

Mannum Golf Club

August 2

Competition – Stableford

Pro 9 Front – Robert Officer $8

10 Players

1st Place – Kevin Bretag, 37 points

2nd Place – Graham Lipp, 37 points

3rd Place – Des Gaskell, 36 points

4th Place – Robert Officer, 36 points 

5th Place – Stan Thompson, 32 points

6th Place – Rob Foreman, 30 points

7th Place – Steine Trinder, 30 points

NTP 4 and 13 – Des Gaskell

NTP 6 and 15 – Graham Lipp

Longest putt – Des Gaskell

August 3

Competition – Mannum Waters 18 hole Stableford

Pro 9 Front

5 Players

1st Place – Graham Littlefield, 32 points

2nd Place – Barry Houston, 29 points

3rd Place – Ray Nagal, 29 points

4th Place – Laurie Ridgecooke, 23 points

5th Place – Rick Kostrz, 22 points

August 5

Competition – Stableford HABTS Bulk Hardware

14 Players

1st Place – Norm Dalton, 34 points

2nd Place – Jeff Applebee, 32 points

3rd Place – Colin Vigar, 32 points 

4th Place – Robert Officer, 32 points 

5th Place – Steine Trinder, 30 points

6th Place – Richard Scriven, 30 points

7th Place – William Banks, 28 points.

8th Place – Kevin Bretag, 28 points. 

NTP 4 and 13 – Robert Officer

NTP 6 and 15 – Robert Officer

Longest putt – Peter Joyner  

Indoor Bowls

The Combined Churches Indoor Bowls Association Premiership season continued on Friday night with matches in the fourth round.

Monarto Lutheran hosted Murray Bridge Uniting and there were some contrasting scores with big wins by some and closer encounters in others. The win came down to the final ends and Murray Bridge Uniting was victorious 6.5 - 123 to 5.5 - 99.

Two game winners for Murray Bridge Uniting were Yvonne Mach and Neville Rawlins.

Mach and Rawlins defeated Heather Day and Max Paech 22 - 4. The game was fairly even until the final two ends where the Murray Bridge Uniting pair collected an end of eight shots and then finished the game with another five shots to win comfortably.

This game was the biggest winning margin of the night. In the second game they defeated Keith and Joy Paech in a tight contest 9 -7.

Two game winners for Monarto Lutheran were Chris Law and Terry Critchley and Robert and Wayne Day.

Law and Critchley defeated Merle and Aiden Rawlins 16 - 1 allowing their opponents only one scoring shot near the end of the game. In the second game they defeated Bob McLean and Alec Burgemeister in a close tussle 13 - 12.

The Day pairing defeated Robyn Bensch and Lyn Hedger 11 - 9 in a game that could have gone either way with the teams tied going in to the last end. In the second game they had an easier time of it as they defeated Doug Horn and Barry Hoffman 14 -1 where they only allowed their opponents to score late in the game.

In the other match Mypolonga Fellowship defeated Salem Lutheran 7 - 134 to 5 - 82.

Two game winners for Mypolonga Fellowship were Janelle Traeger and Theo Weinmann and Daniel and Jasamine Irvine.

Traeger and Weinmann defeated Peter Jaensch and Roger Farley 19 - 5 with multiple shots scored. In the second game they defeated Alan McNichol and Murray Grosser again in a dominating performance 17 - 4, once more picking up multiple shots.

The Irvine pair defeated the same combinations. Firstly in a close game they defeated McNichol and Grosser 8 - 6. In the second game against Jaensch and Farley they won 17 - 3 with consistent scoring after giving away an early lead.

The biggest winning margin of the night was by Doris Klenke and Ben Traeger in the first round game against Heather Wenzel and Valda Jaensch. No matter what the Salem Lutheran pair did the Mypolonga Fellowship combination managed to outdo them and score the shot. Klenke and Traeger won 16 - 0.

Due to uneven numbers some rearranging of pairings occurred. This saw some Salem Lutheran players become two game winners with different partners.

Merv Joppich was a two game winner by pairing firstly with Adam Czechowski and secondly with Ruth Smith. Joppich and Czechowski defeated Bonita Monjean and David Baker 18 - 9. In the second game Smith and Joppich defeated Max Klenke and Greg Traeger in a closer tussle 10 - 8.

Czechowski after winning that first game teamed with Peter Hart to defeat Doris Klenke and Ben Traeger who were full of confidence 7-6.

Next week the minor round is completed with Salem Lutheran hosting Monarto Lutheran and Mypolonga Fellowship travelling to play against Murray Bridge Uniting.

Bill Leonard with his 180.

Bill Leonard with his 180.

Murray Bridge Darts Club

Round 3

A Grade

Shafted 16 defeated Oche Holics 3

Mannum 15 defeated Brotherhood 4

Launchers 10 defeated Razorbacks 9

Sharpshooters ~ BYE

Highest peg outs

Darren Young 120 & 102

Craig Atze 110

Ian Brown 110

Adam Searl 108

Victor Flett 108

Neil Knotts 106


Brett Stagg x 2

Josh Harris x 2

Jack Linke x 2

Marvin Cepillo x 1

Darren Young x 1

Craig Atze x 1

Stephen Elliott x 1

B Grade

White hill Wabbits 13 defeated Bushrangers 0

River Chargers 11 defeated Cally Crew 2

All Bull 7 defeated Devils 6

Sandfly's 7 defeated Firecrackers 6

Sharks ~ BYE


Jack Elliott x 1, Scott Goold x 1

Congrats to Jackson for his first club 180

Jackson Elliot with his 180.

Jackson Elliot with his 180.

Highest peg outs

Chris Grosser 105, Bonnie Furnell 100, Andrew Tyerman 93, Robert Tyas 92, Thomas Garrett 72, Peter Mason 72, Scott Goold 67, Damian Dolman 66, Paul Elphick 60, Aaron Watkins 56, Kevin Mattingly 56, Colin Wilson 55

Junior peg outs

Hayden 40

Highes junior score

Hayden Tyerman 138

Round 4

A Grade

Sharpshooters 14 defeated Brotherhood 5

Launchers 13 defeated Oche Holics 6

Mannum 13 defeated Razorbacks 6

Shafted ~ BYE

Highest peg outs

Martin Rose 106

Ian Brown 100


Victor Flett x 2

Marvin Cepillo x 1

Adam Hughes x 1

David Malota x 1

Bernie Kelly x 1

Craig Atze x 1

B Grade

Devils 10 defeated Sharks 3

All Bull 9 defeated Bushrangers 4

Firecrackers 9 defeated Cally Crew 4

White Hill Wabbits 7 defeated Sandfly's 6

River Chargers ~ BYE

Highest peg outs

Kevin Mattingly 117, Daryl Eckert 106, Paul Elphick 86, Jason Oliver 86, Eve Catherine Elliott 70, Michael Beasley 69, Damian Dolman 68, Jack Elliott 65, Arthur Williams 52, Kevin Mildwaters 50

Junior peg outs

Hayden Tyerman 38, Cooper Dolman 37

High junior score – Cooper Dolman 100