New energy discount on offer

Low-income households are being offered the opportunity to have their energy bills discounted.

Over 180,000 households around the state will be able to sign up for the new energy discount offer aimed at significantly reducing the cost of electricity compared to the standard price.  

The state government will be inviting energy retailers to submit expressions of interest to become preferred suppliers to low-income households that currently receive energy concessions.

A retailer, or a panel of retailers, will be chosen through an open process. 

Retailers will be asked to offer additional benefits for eligible customers, such as better prices, bill-smoothing and flexible payment options, and demonstrate how they will assist concession holders in transitioning to the new offer. 

Key groups likely to benefit include public and community housing tenants, older South Australians and people with disability or medical conditions that reduce their ability to work. 

Concession holders will have the option to remain of their existing plan if they choose to.