THROWBACK: 1976: Governor visits Murray Bridge | PHOTOS

From the archives of the Murray Valley Standard, September 9 1976.

SEPTEMBER 9 1976: South Australian Governor Sir Mark Oliphant greets members of local councils after arriving to inspect the Murray Bridge Southern Farmers factory.

SEPTEMBER 9 1976: South Australian Governor Sir Mark Oliphant greets members of local councils after arriving to inspect the Murray Bridge Southern Farmers factory.

‘Better future in country towns’ – Governor says

Murray Bridge, and communities like it, have a big advantage over Adelaide. 

“I realise that Murray Bridge is likely to be active and viable when Adelaide has long since crumbled into dust,” the Governor, Sir Mark Oliphant told Mobilong Council and Murray Bridge Corporation Councillors at lunch yesterday.    

“This is an area in which the staples of life are produced. All that one can say about Adelaide is that it is an area where there is a certain amount of employment as a result of the fact that misguided people have put factories there in the assumption that the costs of production were going to be less than in the Eastern States, and they’re now finding history catching up with them.

“I’m very worried about the future of the metropolis, simply because I think there must be a painful period before we can adjust to the realities of today’s existence,” Sir Mark said.

‘Sore’ over Health Bill

Warning was given yesterday of an ‘angry reaction’ if the State Government ignores Local Government on the Health Commission Bill. 

The Murray Lands Local Government Association is opposed to the compulsory three per cent hospital levy imposed by the Health Commission Bill on Local Government.

The Bill requires that at least three per cent of Local Government rate revenue will be taken by the State Government and used for the maintenance of State hospitals. Furthermore, the Bill gives no guarantee that councils will have any say in in how, or where, this money will be spent.

Computer Investigation  

A State Government investigation has been ordered into Meningie District Council affairs following an investigation by the Omdudsman into the Council’s acquisition of a computer.

This was announced on Tuesday by the Minister for Local Government, Mr Geoff Virgo, after receiving written and verbal reports from Council officials. 

Spokesperson for the group of ratepayers who instigated the Ombudsman’s enquiry, Mr Dean Kessell, said he was ‘overjoyed’ at the news, but considered Mr Virgo’s action was belated. 

MB Corp rates confirmed

Increased rates in Murray Bridge Corporation’s area were confirmed at a special meeting last week.

Minutes of that meeting were confirmed at Monday night’s full corporation meeting – the first since the budget was recommended.

The new rates include a general rate rise from 9.3 to 10.7 cents in the dollar.

Looking back on this week in history:

September 7, 2007

Losses from poker machines across the region reach more than $10 million in 2007/07, up a staggering $291,015 compared to the previous financial year. 

September 9, 1997

Almost 400 jobs will be created in Murray Bridge DUE? to the construction of a $14 million international standard pig abattoir announced at the site on DAY by Premier John Olsen. 

September 8, 1977

Adelaide Road should be upgraded before the South-Eastern Freeway extends to the town’s outskirts, otherwise it might never be done, councillor M. Peek said at council’s works and drainage committee meeting. 

September 10, 1937

All indications for tomorrow’s important road race from Adelaide to Murray Bridge point to the event meeting with unqualified success.